brings help for the Tennessee Tornadoes – Lebanon Office now open.


Here at, we understand, your homes, your businesses… they are normally your largest investments. After a catastrophic loss, such as the 13 tornadoes that ripped through Tennessee, destroying property, and taking many lives… We cannot bring those lives back, nor can we roll back the damage caused.

What can we do? We can represent you when your insurance company decides to treat you as a customer they owe money to, rather than an insured who paid premiums in advance, in case something like this happened. Never forget, they are sending “their” guy to tell you how much they owe you…

Our fee… never more than 10% of the total settlement. Or, put another way, “Less than we tip our waitstaff…”

No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!

Office located at

512 N. Cumberland, Lebanon, Tennessee 37087

You can reach the office at 877-41-2BUST or 409-539-5188


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