Why Use A Public Adjuster?


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you feel your insurance company is taking to long in settling your claim?
  2. Is your Insurance Company’s Adjuster’s offer too low to cover your repairs or losses?
  3. Perhaps you do need a Public Adjuster?

It must be said that sometimes there is no other option, you must hire an attorney. In that event, we are still one of the most valuable tools that attorneys use. Our theory behind this is simple economics!

Public Adjusters are normally state governed on the amount they may charge; 10% of the value of the claim is the cap. Attorneys take an average of 33 1/3% and is generally handled by their assistants. Insurance claims generally pay a minimum 10% profit and a 10% overhead for any claim that involves more than three trades. ex: Roofing, Carpentry, Tile

By using this method, a public adjuster will charge you 10% of total claim. That fee can easily be absorbed by one of the overhead or profit percentages allowed. You will be provided with a detailed report of exactly what was damaged and exactly how much you will receive for that item. This is very powerful knowledge when dealing with any contractor.

If we take this same method and apply it to legal representation then you would literally consume the profit, the overhead plus an additional 13 1/3% of funds allocated to the actual re-construction of your property or other loss. The numbers don’t lie, 90% for public adjusters vs. 76 2/3% for attorneys. If you are curious to what average returns are, check out some of the links we have provided on this page. (These links are outside our realm of responsibility, we believe them to be true and correct, and have copied a link to our site so that our clients may be better informed.)

Bloomberg – The Insurance Hoax

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