Mission Statement


InsuranceBusters.net was established on July 30, 2009.  The personal goal of each and every individual who is employed by InsuranceBusters.net will always be focused on educating the public first. When we do our job correctly, and inform all who inquire, the subsequent result will be them hiring a public adjuster, whether that is InsuranceBusters.net, or another licensed public adjuster. I started InsuranceBusters.net to become the voice of the insured.  A voice, that until recently, had no option to be heard, as well as no knowledge of exactly how much money the insurance companies have saved, by merely saying “NO”.

I have been fighting the insurance companies for a long time, they don’t like me much, and the feeling is mutual.
I am appalled each and every time we stop, and look at the whole picture. How many people, who were covered, were told they were not, or that this is what it pays, do not ask for more! In my whole career, I think I have only seen one claim that would actually compensate what it was intended to, without the insured going deeply into their own pockets, or accepting inferior work and products due to lack of proper funding.  Funding, that by law, every insured is entitled to. Once coverage is determined, there is really only one question, was it damaged in the event causing loss? If that answer is yes, then there are specific software applications, such as Xactimate, that when used correctly, and in conjunction with a licensed public adjuster, will be able to correctly adjust the loss, as per insurance guidelines, and requirements.  If we don’t recover enough of your money to pay our fee, and put at minimum of that same amount over what your insurance paid, you do not owe us a penny, you will have received a comprehensive claim review free of charge, and you have verified, for your own piece of mind, that the insurance company is doing the honorable thing, if not, we will go after them, and recover as much of your claim as possible.

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