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InsuranceBusters.net owner, Cal Spoon, has been a builder for over 12 years. In that time he has had many great triumphs, as well as many great failures! All of them are knowledge gained to embark on this new journey. He has handled insurance claim work in many of the most catastrophic events known to date. Hurricane Jeanne and the other hurricanes that terrorized Florida in 2004; Katrina in Biloxi, MS in 2005; Dolly in South Padre Island in 2008 and many more. He has also completed many fire restoration projects as well, from total burn outs to smoke damage including entire houses and apartment complexes. Cal Spoon has done major, large scale residential and commercial projects. He recently was a Premiere Service Provider for one of the largest insurance providers in the world; he used and became extremely efficient with their software. Our firm has dealt with more adjusters, lawyers, city officials, home owners, business owners, and almost any director handling situations that arise after a major loss has occurred, than we can count.

Cal has always handled claims in the capacity as a builder, and until recently, did not realize he was in the wrong profession. He has been very fortunate that all of these experiences, good and bad, have made him incredibly knowledgeable in the insurance property and casualty claims area. Cal Spoon is an extremely dedicated, honest and loyal person to his family and his company. We have come to realize that Cal Spoon makes a much better public adjuster than a builder. He can be extremely more effective than he ever dreamed of as a builder. He can expedite the insured’s claim movement from start to settlement, and assure the insured will obtain a full and fair settlement. This helps aid in speedy re-building, signs of movement within the community, and the beginnings of some sense of normalcy returning from any type of loss. This brings us to the best of all, our new pilot program, “Bustin4Relief”. We will donate 100% of the profits, up to $5,000.00, of every 15th claim we adjust to local charity organizations. With his knowledge and skills he can help insured’s recover what is rightfully theirs and give back to the community at the same time. Now you have to remember, we are fairly new at this. So at first, the numbers may not look all that appealing, but let’s take a look back one year from the licensing date, and check our totals. We have a feeling that most will be surprised, we will have given a lot of people our time, resources, and money, to try and make our world a better place. Cal has always firmly believed in giving and has taught his children to do the same. Cal Spoon believes in what he does and with his proficiency is able to help all the right people. If you would like to learn more about our Bustin4Relief donations, please click here to visit Bustin4Relief.


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