Feb 282020

Insurance Agents:

They “know” something is up.

They also “know” that higher payouts mean lower paychecks, no matter how you slice it. Their willingness to “overlook” many things will have repercussions beyond this place we are in now.

If you remember the “before” time, when claims were paid somewhat fairly, the agent had a hand in it. It was common.

Then along came McKinsey & Co..

One of the first orders of business was to remove agents from the claims process as a mandate, thereby giving them “plausible deniability”. This did a number of profitable things for carriers, just two of which are cutting payouts and customer retention.

Customer retention?


It is most difficult to sell someone a product when they are mad at you personally. Our agents are local folks, culled specifically for their community image. If they physically cannot help you in a claim, or… “their hands are tied,” they are less likely to catch a beatdown at the HEB, bank, school line, and more likely to have repeat business.

The more you know… the less you want to.