Aug 242019

If you have met me, conversed with me, or have been to any of the 4 workshops, you have heard this very concept, almost verbatim.

Know your lane/power.

You are not restricted from choosing a lane, nor are you free from the consequences, good or bad. (I do not own this image or the message inside.)

Know the person next to you is not your enemy, regardless of whether they actually are, or aren’t. Which translates to a very simple, yet profound, process. #freedom

I will keep doing what I am doing, regardless of what anyone else does, or does not do.

The end.

One of the most important bits of information for me to give is that insurance agencies like bear river mutual insurance have the ability to advocate for other human beings. That has to be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Knowing that you are doing it correctly, and not being concerned with what the carrier is doing.

The rule book does not change when we are hired.

The only thing changes is what the #Insured is doing…
Which is following the policy provisions.

The importance of the policy…

Between the state statutes governing insurance and administrative/contracts, then the policy, coupled with the actual loss, and direct physical damage that resulted from that loss, lies the very specific, line item detail complete with total cost breakdown, is your power.

If you get that right, the insured will not “win” every time, they will simply get #Indemnified every time.



As always, #ProtectTheInsured

Cal Spoon

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