Aug 192019

When we are inundated with commercial after commercial, billboard, and sporting event about how good insurance companies are, citizens on the whole have no clue, nor want to have a clue, about what insurance companies are doing to their own clients.

These deeds were done in broad daylight, to our neighbors, friends and family.

Read that last sentence again… The only thing missing is #you.

Their public motto is #ProtectTheInsured.

Their profit motto is #ProtectOurProfits.

The two will never reconcile to one. Ever.

Wake up.

Understand the one truth even the Supreme Court out of Texas has brazenly added it to their opinion in

Found here:

“We must determine whether an insurer can be liable for TPPCA damages when it initially denied the claim but later paid the insured in full according to the amount of loss determined through the policy’s appraisal process. We note at the outset that the insurance claim process is inherently adversarial. The adversarial process begins as soon as a claim is filed and ends only when the resolution of the claim is finally determined and accepted by the parties.”

BuzzFeed has actually done a decent job with this article. One has to remember the power of a dollar, or an advertising dollar, to clarify. Insurance Companies outspend every other market by insane amounts. Which, again, leads us to the truth. “

When a business is good and honest, referrals will happen on their own merit…”

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