Sep 202018
Claims Process Simplified

Probably the single most important thing to understand, is that the insurance adjuster works for the home insurance company ONLY. Not you, the insured. There are only three entities that can do that on an insurance claim. A licensed Attorney or licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, or You, the #insured. I do not suggest you represent yourself in court, or do you your own taxes… same goes for any insurance claim.

Insurance Claims Process Simplified 

As #Florence finally recedes into history as one of the wettest hurricanes on record for the Carolinas, the actual painful part is just about to begin. Figuring out who owes what from which carrier, and then making them give you their profits in order to pay your claim… Make no mistake, insurance, regardless of the type, is a business. The only way to be profitable in a business is to cut costs. When claims are your only business, the only place to cut costs is to cut claims payments. That simple.

We understand that process, and can accurately assess who owes what, Flood/Wind, and represent you on your claim. We are licensed and bonded, and have been for almost a decade. 

No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee! 

When we do recover… 10%.

Less than you tip a bad waiter.