Mar 292018

Seems like a story straight out of a nightmare, and for most homeowners and business owners, that is not the half of it.

As consumers, we purchase goods/services for our benefit, not for our detriment. When you take insurance on its face value, it is supposed to make you whole after a covered loss, provided you paid your premiums, and were honest on your application. See definition below:

Definition of insurance

1a the business of insuring persons or property
b coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril
c the sum for which something is insured

2a means of guaranteeing protection or safety 

  • The contract is your insurance against price changes.


  • Frequent hand washing is good insurance against the common cold.

gambling a side bet that a player in blackjack may place when the dealer’s first face up card is an ace

NOTE: An insurance bet can be up to half of a player’s original bet. It wins at 2 to 1 odds if the dealer’s cards add up to 21.

Once a person purchases insurance, there should be a calming effect, knowing that if something happens in the future, you have already insured against that loss. In reality, and over a decade of performing nothing but insurance claims on behalf of the insured, I can tell you without fail, that this is one of the farthest things from the truth I have ever heard.

This post is about a singular insurance company, Nationwide Insurance, a singular law firm, Thompsons, Coe, Cousins and Irons, LLP., who employs the attorneys, similar to the domestic violence lawyers from Fairfax, and the wherewithal of the remaining factions to commit atrocities against the very people who paid them, trusted them, and ultimately had their lives ruined by them. All crimes and sex crimes attorney from Festus area can help represent in case of a problem. This also includes penalties for OUI cases and the importance for hiring lawyers.

That is correct, violating the Public’s Trust for profit.

You see, as insureds, we purchase the product in case of a future, unknown event. We do this knowing that the odds are in the insurance companies favor, which is why they accepted the risk.

As a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, I have had the pleasure of serving many, many insureds who have had issues with their insurance company when it actually came time to honor the policy they purchased. It is always the same. Insured purchases insurance, pays premiums for extended periods, then suffers a covered loss. What used to be isolated instances, have become common everyday instances of systematic non payments based upon opinions of those who owe you the money… and they have gotten far more advanced with technology, and the use of attorneys prior to the insured initiating a suit of their own. Again, you read that correctly. Insurers are hiring attorneys before anything else has happened, and having them step in the middle of the claims process. The criminal defense law firm found by Daniel Murphy help with legalities of any case.

Now, you may ask why? Well, I cannot speak for them, but I can lend you my knowledge and we can all draw our own conclusions.

  1. There is such a thing as pre-litigation discovery that would normally be a part of the claim file. This particular set of information is crucial to identifying when the insurer decided to go south, how many people were involved, and who knew what when. Information that should not be hidden, for any reason… unless you are attempting something nefarious. Now, when attorneys get involved in the beginning, I believe they will attempt a defense that states ALL communications from inception are privileged, and therefore not available for discovery…Again, why in the world would you want this to happen, unless, you were hiding things. When it comes to fraudulent issues the criminal defense lawyers from Orange County area can help providing legal aid.

  2. Insurers enjoy what is called “float money”. They enjoy it for very simple reasons… it is very profitable. By their own definition, it is the money they owe, but have managed to keep for extended periods of time. May not sound like much, but it is actually an astounding amount when you compound it. They use this money to invest, to hedge, and to generally make money off of it as long as possible. If they get caught, the pay a miniscule amount as a penalty, and it is business as usual. In fact, last year in Texas, this penalty was cut nearly in half by a paid for legislature, against the will of many, many folks who testified about the harm it brings when insurers pay lessor penalties when they were actually caught. It is akin to catching your child stealing a cookie. Instead of punishment, I am going to give you two more cookies, and request you not do it again.

  3. Attorneys often believe they are above the law, after all, they are the only ones who can change it. When you understand this simple concept, an intelligent person will realize this cannot be so… no one is above the law, and that would especially include attorneys. What we are seeing today is that moral compasses no longer guide these folks, and the law has become something to test to the limits, and when it does not suit their personal agendas, or those of big time clients like insurers… they seek to change them in any way possible. Sometimes, that includes outright breaking of those rules on a level that is hard to contemplate, yet they do it.

I will give you the same response I am often given from unsuspecting insureds… “Cal, if it is against the law, how in the world can they do it?” The answer, well, it is as simple as your local speed limit signs.

Picture this: You are driving along, look over, and see that the speed limit sign reads 75 mph, so be a great driver, and law-abiding citizen… you set the cruise control at 81 mph. Whether you realize it or not, several things occurred in your head before you became a law-breaker.

  • I know this route, and have never seen a patrol on it…

  • Don’t cops give you a grace of 10% over… I’m under that…

  • I haven’t had a ticket in years…

Now, there are many, many more than this, but it is enough. Why… well, at some point during that time, you justified breaking the law. The lack of consequences, or diminished consequences, resulting in breaking the speed limit, which, as you guessed, is against the law.

Now, just imagine, that if on the other end of those justifications… were actual dollars. No sir, not imaginary dollars, but real dollars, and a whole bunch of them. What would be your reasoning for not breaking that speed limit?

Now, imagine you are an insurer, and that speed limit was the claim…

With passing of legislation that reduced their penalties in Texas, they have become much bolder. So much so, that we have had to become proactive in fighting them.

Sometimes, that fight has to occur in a courtroom. Why? It is the only tool that we, as citizens, have to protect ourselves from those who are much more powerful. One may claim that the Department of Insurance should step in, we have tried that route, because it is a part of the process, and as expected prior to sending, they are absolutely no help whatsoever, unless it is in favor of the carrier. (We have filed hundreds of valid complaints over the years, which fell upon deaf ears.)

As always, I have chosen to fight. There are others in my profession who cannot. There are many insured’s, over 90%, who are not even aware that our profession exists. All of them getting bullied on one level or another by insurers and their lawyers. This has to stop somewhere. Might as well be right here, right now. There has been a movement… #ProtectTheInsured, that now includes #IWillNotBeBullied!

We have filed the following lawsuit, found here: Redacted Lawsuit: v. Nationwide

V. MICHAEL DOLES, individually; RHONDA THOMPSON, individually; BRlTTANY DUMAS, individually;

The point of my post is to let others know. Yes, Goliath is huge… but he was defeated by a much smaller David, who had one thing on his side, righteousness.

If you have witnessed the same tactics, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We may be able to help prior to a lawsuit, and if not, we know some outstanding attorneys who do not like to be bullied either.