Feb 092018

It does not matter where the insurance comes from, or what type it is, or what you bought coverage for… #PropertyInsurance, #HealthInsurance, #AutoInsurance… this is the reality after filing a claim. A whole #system set up for one purpose… #profit.

As a population, we allow ego and pride to lie ourselves. For instance: “I am smart, I am educated, I am a, (Insert doctor, lawyer, preacher… agent/adjuster.) and I can deal with my claim on my own!”

This is an irrational conclusion. I could argue fact and statistics all day long, and win. But it really should not be necessary once the fundamental flaw of the entire process is explained in one simple statement.

The entity who owes you the money, is using their methods, their attorneys, their contracts and rules… to determine how much THEY #owe YOU!

They do this every single day of the year. Their stated goal is to make a profit, as it should be. Unfortunately, profit is a fluid thing for them. As stated above, they are using all of THEIR stuff to report earnings. Nor do their profits include massive expenditures, like #SuperBowls, #Nascar, or any other sport, cause, or event that they can manipulate to attempt and make us all believe they are there for us. That we are in good hands, or that they even represent us at all after a loss.

Fact is, they don’t. Ask your adjuster or agent, if they say they represent you, they are telling a bold-faced lie. They represent the carrier, not you, nor me. Their #loyalty is to their employer, not you.

Why we started InsuranceBusters.net.

Why we have been the target of the most powerful folks in the world, insurers. We figured out a way to do what they promised… #ProtectTheInsured.

While we cannot do medical or third-party, we can annihilate your #PropertyClaim. No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!

Cal Spoon

Licensed Texas Public Insurance Adjusters #1603054

Local office:
1521 W. Market Street
Suite E
Rockport, Texas 78382


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