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Justice misled, is Justice denied.

Justice misled, Justice Denied

There should never be a time when a state funded agency is recommending against using licensed professionals, unless those they are recommending against have done something specific, something wrong. 

This is just not the case. This article, Avoiding Scams After A Disaster provided by the self-proclaimed Insurance Information Institute. An “Official Sounding” entity. 

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Now, how curious are you when someone actually starts asking questions that matter, and that have simple, factual answers?

Insurance Companies are their main source of revenue, so… listening to this garbage is akin to, well… allowing your insurance company to be the only knowledgeable person involved in your insurance claim.

This article is a perfect example of the crap that is peddled by our Departments of Insurance, the media, and “Official Sounding” websites or Non-Profits. There are multiple lies, not mistruths, lies. Your insurance company does not provide an adjuster for YOU, they provide one for THEM! Ask your insurance company, during a loss, and subsequent claim, when an adjuster arrives at my property, who do they represent, you or their employer? If they say you, they are lying. There are only three entities that can represent you in an insurance claim. You, which they prefer, because you are unrepresented and going up against an entity who does solely this, a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, which we are, and we NEVER charge more than 10%, regardless if state statute limits or not. And, an attorney. There is a time and a place for an attorney, but it is not until after the insurance company has been given every legitimate reason to comply with the policy, and has failed.

Notice that “staff adjuster” or “independent adjuster” is not included. That is not by mistake. By deliberately pointing it out, I hope to point out that they are all not alike. Neither of these can work without the backing of an insurance company, which makes them “beholden” to that company.

A licensed “Public Insurance Adjuster” is here specifically to do that one thing. Adjust for you, and you alone. Not your roofer or contractor, and not your insurance company.


Oh yeah, most PIA’s work on a contingency fee basis, No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!

This propaganda, put out by insurance companies, is completely phony. We have the number to prove it.

Should make every single person who reads this angry. They are trying to tell us, in no uncertain terms, that not only sending the person out that owes the money is a good idea, but that it is preferred over any other method.

But, is it?

There is no data that I am aware of, that would suggest that having your insurance company be the only entity involved in a claim, besides the insured. None. #Zero

However, on the contrary to their claim, there is lawsuit after lawsuit, after lawsuit, where everyone one of them have been found guilty of harming insureds. On a singular level, on an entire state level, yet, here they are they…

In my vast history of this industry, every time I have never witnessed an insured who received proper indemnification, unless there was a Public Insurance Adjuster, or both, a PIA and attorney.


Let them come, let them call me a liar. I can and will prove differently. 

Stay tuned, next article will have some BEA…utiful correspondence between the Texas Department of Insurance and myself, where they have taken to retaliation against me. Funny thing, I am not normally prone to making any far out there statements, yet, in my world, these insanities are being dealt with every day. Not only are they peddling their crap, they are running offense and defense out of the department we, as taxpayers pay for, against our better interest. Just sick and tired of it. 


Cal Spoon, 


As always, #ProtectTheInsured


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