Dec 202016

Folks, buckle up! It is going to be a bumpy ride for every single tax paying citizen, as well as insured, who pays premiums on ANY type of insurance. While our focus is on Property and Casualty, the actual model is for carriers is consistent throughout.

IBN 2017 Texas Legislation Session Cover Art


I enjoyed an article from the Insurance Journal titled:

Property Claims and Litigation Likely on Texas 2017 Legislative Docket

This was my comment for the thread, and pretty much sums it up in a brief format. We have done the math, the homework… and the actual work, for over seven years now in Public Adjusting alone, not counting the many, many years in catastrophic reconstruction on the coasts, to being a “Premiere Service Provider” for one of the largest carriers in the world before firing them after a few years.

“The problem is not Public Adjusters or Attorneys… It is insurance companies who have continually contrived ways to cut payments on legitimate, valid claims. Before you file them… that is exactly what they will attempt at this session. Instead of fighting you after a loss, they are trying to win before you ever have a loss… think about that.”

Cal Spoon 12/20/2016


I would like to know who paid for the study? Carriers or Insureds, via the Department of Insurance and hard earned tax dollars?

Also, I will state the obvious. From the article, and what little bit of information given, it would appear that the numbers actually prove both Public Adjusters and Attorneys have successfully helped enough insured’s to actually get on the radar, thus proving their worth. So again, this legislative session, insurers will spend more on lobbyist, politicians and outright calls for leaving the state than actually paying valid, legitimate claims, like they promise in the policy. It is really that simple. They have actually been made to pay a few claims correctly, and they are now hollering wolf.

If it has not changed, Texas is the 10th largest insurance market… in the world. They are not going anywhere. They will do as they have always done, attempt to mitigate claim payments to insureds.

Why did you buy the insurance in the first place? Why do you pay outrageous premiums? Oh yeah… the.03% “claimed loss”. When the Super Bowl is played this year, take a look, and count all the commercials, the endorsements, the back boards, the digital media… all will have a slogan from local Lloyd’s Provider. Then, when they descend upon Austin for what is sure to be an absolute war for insureds rights and coverages.



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