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Insurance Claim Underpaid or maybe even Denied?

This year alone, Texas and Oklahoma have seen some the worst catastrophic events known to man. Unfortunately, those catastrophes will eventually become claims, that will eventually be underpaid, on average, by a 100% of what was actually owed. After years of case study, this has become apparent. In fact, I have personally sat thru multiple depositions, under oath, with the hired gun attorneys of the insurance industry, grilling me on everything under the sun, stammering when I repeat it. Mr. Spoon, you are under oath, you are aware of that, correct? Absolutely. I am absolutely aware of the fact, and reiterate my statement. We have found, that on average, a 100% of all insurance claims in property and casualty are underpaid by a 100%. (Those numbers are often in 1000% range.)   What does this mean to you, the insured? It means your claim, whether you are a large corporation with multiple large properties, (Normally, these are the ones where we see the 1000% increase from original.) A  homeowner, or member of the church, school or any other insured property, and you file a claim… Odds are a 100% you will be underpaid by at least a 100%.   I know this is a very hard pill to swallow… because it means we are getting duped, every time. None of us like to hear someone got the better of us, especially if it was over something we paid for, and took the seller’s word that if we needed them, they would be there, and pay what they owed. Not more, but certainly not less… especially by a 100%! It also means that they knew they were going to do this before you ever purchased the insurance. This is why most people absolutely need help with insurance claims from people who have either dealt with these companies before or insiders who truly know what’s going on. Do a simple Google search for your insurance company, only add the name Lloyd’s at the end. Example: State Farm Lloyd’s, Farmers Lloyd’s, Allstate Lloyd’s, Travelers Lloyd’s… etc, ad infinity. Then, when you are satisfied that all these companies have one thing in common…. Lloyd’s. Here is a disclaimer for the US. Notice their use of the word “syndicate”, as well as the fact that there is no singular responsible entity.

  1. 1.
    a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.
    “large-scale buyouts involving a syndicate of financial institutions”
  1. 1.
    control or manage by a syndicate.
    “the loans are syndicated to a group of banks

Trillions of dollars have been spent to make us believe that these folks have our best interest in mind. Fact is, they have our money’s best interest in mind, and they feel the best place for it is with them. You must ask yourself one simple question, as an insurer, how do you make money on insurance claims? Remember… the only reason anyone buys insurance, is to file a legitimate claim, if one were to occur. Ergo, the single reason you purchased, is the only business they are in… claims. Answer: You cut the cost of claims. How? My ways and means that have been devised, as Lloyd’s disclaimer boldly states, for over a century. This means they have had all our money for research on how to pay us less money, BEFORE we ever purchased our first policy… regardless of which Lloyds Syndicate sold it to us.   It is not rocket science… its simple economics. Whatever we can keep from paying you, we keep.   I have written numerous articles over the years, and will add a few links in, for those who want to learn more, it is there for the scouring. All of the links inside the articles go to the actual source, so all the proof needed is very easy to access.

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  There are less than 850 people between Texas and Oklahoma that can legally help you on a claim, besides an attorney. Licensed Public Adjusters. That is it, and that is who we are. We are licensed throughout multiple state, however, with 4 brick and mortar locations in Texas and Oklahoma, that is where we spend the majority of our time. Free Claim Review   No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee! Texas License #1603054 – Check License status here: The Texas Department Of Insurance Licensing Department Oklahoma License # 0040122267 found here: Oklahoma Department of Insurance – Licensing. As always, #ProtectTheInsured!   Cal Spoon 11/21/2016

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