Aug 162015

In case you need it. The only reason, other than protection for lenders.

Sending the person who owes you the money to first tell you if they actually do owe… then, exactly how much or how little that amount is. Then take into consideration the largest mitigating factor in that equation.

Every dollar they pay you…is a dollar from their own profit.

We purchase insurance for one reason. To file a legitimate valid claim if the need arises. It is the only reason we spend our hard-earned money on it, unless otherwise required by lenders… or law. (Which makes the mitigating factor above all the more disturbing.)

We have found, on average, 100% of all Property and Casualty claims are underpaid by 100%….. Let that sink in. Oftentimes, that number is in the 1000 percentile. Numbers and cashed checks do not lie.

The more you know…


Cal Spoon



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