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State Farm – Engineers Behaving Badly….. Remember Hurricane Katrina…Hurricane Sandy… those are just the ones they have been caught, on large-scale, having their ENGINEERS change reports to drastically reduce payouts, illegally.


This is the “engineer’s” report they sent to my Mother’s on Thursday.


And of course my response, below. I have included pictures and the entire report, so you get an exact feeling of what they attempted to do. To My Mother.


I am appalled. You came to my mother’s home, stood outside her backyard, and lied to her face. I was there, meaning you lied to me as well. Justin expressed, with great emphasis, in front of Gian A. Carlo, that he would provide you with no material, and allow you to do your own thing and come to your own conclusions. This was a lie. The photos you possess, labeled taken by others, were taken by Justin. He chose to send you the best photographs he could to support denying the rest of the claim.


If you look at the few photographs I have provided, and your own photo labeled 54. You will notice the lazy Suzan in the upper right hand corner. You will also notice that there is an approximately 1” gap, that is clearly visible in the photo. Now look at my photo, same cabinet, same gap, only this shows the entire cabinet, where lazy Suzan will not even open, and that the cabinets and floor have clearly dropped.


You claim there is no water damage to the framing around the remodeled area, and that her house has a history of structural problems. You are provably lying on both fronts. We performed the remodel over 10 years ago. When we did that, we replaced the framing around cabinet floor in order to make the access hole in which you entered…notice the boxed framing with supports. At that time, the house was approximately 30 years old, on a pier and beam foundation, in west Texas. Normal settling had occurred. We blocked and leveled, as evidenced by your crappy photos, at that time. As you pointed out, there is very little cracking of the drywall, had there been prior settling, to the degree you show in your own diagrams, the remainder would have done so as well. Your graph is a clear indicator that exact area where the leak occurred has dropped significantly in comparison to the remainder of the house. Yet you state that was not the case. Your own evidence does not substantiate that claim, quite the contrary. When coupled with actual true photos, like mine, the evidence is overwhelming. Yet you lied, and you put your seal on it.



The framing you claim is not damaged, please look at your own photos 19, 20, 24 and finally, 37. Again, you have lied. The plywood, as witnessed in your photograph is the cover to that manhole I spoke of earlier. If you pay attention, you will that those are 2 separate pieces of ¾ “ plywood, cut with exactly the same notches. The 1 ½ “ is necessary to bring the floor back to hardwood elevation, which was done. Notice both pieces of plywood are water damaged, with mold growth on both sides. For the people who will decide this fate at a later date. I will point out a few things and move on. That plywood was attached to that framing, see the 2” line where joist and plywood met. Stacked 2 deep, totaling 1 ½ “ layer, in which the water penetrated from the underside, not the top. Anyone would realize that in order for that water, that damage, and the resulting mold to appear on the top of the floor, destroy the cabinets, and walls, it would have first had to go through that entire layer of flooring. Again, you have provably lied. And attached your seal to it.


Picture 38… you claim there is no damage to the underside. This photograph, as poorly taken as it was, clearly shows mold on the entire underside of what you have labeled as the living room. Take a look at some of the pictures I have provided. You will notice that same growth on the cabinets, the underside of the counter top… this is directly below the floor you claim, in writing, was not damaged. You photographed a portion of that damage and still deny it exits. You have lied yet again. And attached your seal to it.

Again, in picture 38, you claim this to be an existing leak. Look closely. This is the damaged area from the original water leak. The water that is now visibly dripping in numerous places, has only made a few areas wet. You do not find that curious….. Could it be, as you suggested on site, that you could have ruptured something while you were under there, in less than 18” of crawl space, crawling around. When you were there, why did you not take a photograph of the ground, where the newly developed leak had just started to make little dimples in the soft earth under the house? You had another opportunity to do so while we were standing, from the kitchen floor, looking down through the man-hole at the new leak, and I explained to you that you would attempt this, and that you should photograph as well. That leak, as you can see, is new. The damage caused by you. Look at your own photos of underneath the house, and tell me exactly where you were, and what you were laying on in order to get those photos? You were laying on that whole mess of plumbing that you can clearly see in any of the photos.

Photos…you have only provided a few photos that you took that day. I would take an educated guess and say that you actually took from between 500 to 1000. Where are the rest of them? You supplied 50 of the most broad, generic photographs you could. You still could not manage to eliminate all the damage from them, as evidenced by my partial review above. I can tell, you have already sent State Farm an invoice for your services… that invoice will probably contain a per picture charge….

I would suggest that you not attempt to remain on the path you are currently on, and delete, modify, or change anything that has to do with this claim. There will be some people who want to talk to you very soon, and they will want to see them. You showed 5 photographs of that floor in your report. I personally witnessed you get down on all fours, and take correct pictures, at ground level. Then you stepped in several places directly at source of loss, bouncing a bit, and stated, oh yea, this is definitely affected. You then photographed the spaces where the new varnish had physical separated, along with filler, from the swelling of the floor.

Photograph 12, the bathroom door…that is scratching the floor, which you admit, yet say “sanding” look at your graph, and look back at this photo carefully. The door is in a perpendicular position to original state, making it optimal to see with the human eye, that instead of the bottom of the door being parallel to the floor, as it should be in this position, the door actually drops from approximately a 1” inch gap to zero… in less than 2’. This is your picture. The other ones, the ones you did not provide, but will before it’s over with, also shows the reveal of this particular door, which you specifically pointed out, yet included only one picture of, that you thought was harmless, or you would not have included it. Turns out, that is a very good photo. Keep up the good work. wink emoticon


This is bad, real bad.

You referred to me as the “contractor”. I am not. I am the insured. It just so happens that I also possess a Public Adjuster’s license, as well as having held two contractors licenses prior to Texas allowing the rule to expire. I was a Premier Service Provider for State Farm for a good long while. Until I fired them. They have a little different version, just ask to pull the contract, verify the one year agreement, the end date for that, then the end date of our last assignment.

One major thing Justin did NOT inform you of, is that I am very good at what I do. I see people like you every day. Sustaining business off of knowingly helping your employer, the insurance company, deny valid, easily discernible claims. At minimum, suggest that the damage is just “minor”….. This time, you have been caught. You have used your license and title to deceptively harm another.

InsuranceBusters.net Legalities

Don’t you worry, everyone involved will get a copy of this… a ton of people who you never imagined… or you would not have attempted this. But, you know, as I have proven, while acting in the role of a Public Adjuster, this is normal for insurance companies, their engineers, and their adjusters….Just ask Victims of Katrina, Sandy…and any other loss insurers touch.

See you soon.

P.S. I am better with computers than I am with paper… As this reaches you, and you read this, know that you have been warned that all things pertaining to our file are to be kept, and nothing is to be deleted. I am not an attorney or a court. I am telling you, as the insured, that I feel you have defrauded us, and used your license and title to harm us. Anything used in that pursuit, that was deleted, or omitted, can be found. Easily.

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