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When you buy insurance, you are basically buying an invisible promise. A promise that if you need your insurance policy to perform, i.e. you filed a claim for a covered loss, they would come RUNNING to take care of you fully, and without ever worrying about how much it was going to cost THEM…..


You see, therein lies the rub….. When you ask your insurer to perform on a filed insurance claim, they are going to lose money. Period. From the inception of that thought comes the next, natural one. One that you and I both would normally take. A step to try and reduce the cost, dramatically.InsuranceBusters.net 1oo Dollar Bills - Free Claim Review


You see, your insurance company has what is called an unfair advantage in this situation. They hold the checkbook. They control the adjusters and other personnel being sent to your property. In the end, historically, they have made an offer, and it was over. Whether that offer was 100% or 1000% low, it did not matter. Short of a lawsuit, there were no other options than to accept. This practice of underpaying and having no one to hold accountable has been very profitable for the insurance companies. So much so, that eventually, they even started to refuse damage that was so clear, a small child could determine its existence. Take a look at the photo below. This is one property, and I have shown just a few examples of what the Insurance carrier, Hanover in this case, emphatically denies additional coverage. Most of these items were not even addressed, and if they were, like the EFIS (or synthetic Stucco). They paid to replace. Great! However, the EFIS is 20+ feet in the air. You have to have access. You have to protect all of the building that is NOT asbestos (find the testing details at https://www.bustmold.com/our-services/testing-services/asbestos-testing/). This is an active shopping center, there is not a single allotment to cordon off and protect consumers from the ongoing construction. These are things an insurance company requires a builder to do prior to having coverage on a project. Meaning, if a Builder had an accident on site, and these procedures and precautions were not taken, there would be NO coverage. Yet the very same insurance company will not pay these items on claims they owe.


Just doesn’t seem right, does it?InsuranceBusters.net Fox in the Hen House


It’s not….and we can fix it!


Below, I will provide a very small excerpt, with names redacted, of the correspondence between myself, and the carrier. As you can clearly see, lies, deceit, stalling….anything to not pay at all, or pay the VERY LEAST amount possible. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR< AND NOT GOING TO PUT YOU BACK TO PRE-LOSS CONDITION. Meaning, sooner or later, you will realize a very REAL financial detriment. They hope it is after two years. That is their Statute of Limitations for you to cry foul.


In the industry and court rooms it is known as the 3 D’s. Deny, Delay, and Defend. How fuzzy does that make you feel?


Begin my pre-engineer inspection email:

Please find enclosed our final demand. The attachments are large and will take at least 2 emails. I will label each one so that we are sure you have received.

I would highly suggest that a representative of Hanover be present for our scheduled appointment with the “engineer”.

Cal Spoon

(This was an over 20 page demand, not counting our valuation)

Hanover Response:

Mr. Spoon.  We have the utmost confidence in Engineering Firms Name Redacted.  Regrettably, I will not be able to make it to Abilene tomorrow.


Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted

My Response the following day, after our mutual inspection on the insured location:

Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted,

I have yet to hear from you on the status of Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted License. When I looked in the Texas Department of Insurance, under licensing, he does not appear, nor can I find any information on him anywhere that would indicate he holds a Texas license.

This will be the last demand for his info.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Engineering Firms Name Redacted out on location. He was very helpful. He explained to me, that he was not there to look at dents, any metal, any air conditioners, or really, anything but the roof. When he stated this, I found it funny, simply because you have stated that you were waiting on his report so he could, you know, give you his “expert” opinion. As it turns out, he is only giving an opinion on the roof. Meaning all the other items that are damaged, and have not been paid for, are solely being held up because YOU CHOOSE to do so. Please locate those ever-present statutes, and look up undisputed funds, and whether you have the ability to hold until final settlement. You do not, and you cannot state undisputed. It is not. You use Xactimate, I use Xactimate. Price is handled. Items were clearly damaged, you physically inspected, and by your “experts” own testimony, which I recorded, no one is inspecting anything else……

He is a little upset about the recording, but hey. When he started telling me something totally different from what you had told me, I certainly did not want to run the risk of hearing those famous words, “I didn’t say that”. Oh, but yes you did. Do not worry, I informed him that I was recording, on the recorder.  He had some really nice things to say, then attempted to get aggressive, which is also on recording….

So…..you have some questions to answer. You can either answer them here, in court. Up to you. One thing you can believe is, either way, I will be seeing you very, very soon.

Cal Spoon

(Had you have been present, you could have avoided that whole scenario….)


Hanover Response:

Mr. Spoon:

With regard to your inquiry on Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted’s license:  I sent an email to Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted advising that you were inquiring as to his Texas Adjuster license status as your research on the TDI website did not reveal a license in his name.  As soon as I have his reply, I will advise you.

With regard to your comments about our engineer’s inspection today:

I am not going to speculate or comment on what was said, not said or alleged, between you and Mr. Teasdale.

Further, we are not “holding up” anything as you accuse.  Obviously, there was a misunderstanding between you and Mr. Teasdale.  His instructions from me were to look at everything – HVAC units, roof, flashings, parapet/EFIS, standing seam awnings, solar panels and building exterior.

Engineering Firms Name Redacted called me following his meeting with you and his inspection.  He confirmed that you recorded him and did admit that it was somewhat frustrating to him, given your combative attitude.

For your edification, we have paid the “undisputed” amount of loss as estimated by the initial I.A., Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted.  We paid the ACV on his estimated amount (you have a copy of his estimate), and, at the time of my inspection, those repairs had not been completed.  I advised you in our Reservation of Rights letter that until such time as those initial repairs are completed and final invoices are submitted, we are withholding consideration of paying the RC/depreciation withholding amount until the previously estimated repairs are complete and the proper invoices/support have been submitted.

With regard to your inference that there are other “undisputed” damages that we are withholding payment on.  I previously advised you in my email to you dated 01/22/2015, that Hanover has some significant concerns about your scope and estimate of damages, thus the basis of having Engineering Firms Name Redacted inspect.

Engineering Firms Name Redacted will complete his report and submit to Hanover for our review.  Once we have reviewed it, we will submit our formal position on your submitted claim, in writing, but not prior to receiving Engineering Firms Name Redacted report.

My Response to this farce:

Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted

Yet again, your firm has been caught in the middle of a lie. The simple fact is, you are not used to someone being on top of their job, and actually knowing what they are doing. To attempt and make either me, or anyone else believe that you sent an engineer to specifically inspect a job, yet he was not given and instruction. He told me that you had given him a copy of my estimate, so this would indicate that you had written correspondence, and exchanged information. I believe that Engineering Firms Name Redacted, as you emphatically endorsed in an earlier written correspondence, spoke the truth on site. He was there to look at the roof, and the roof only. I do not for one second believe there was a misunderstanding. Please produce the written correspondence giving Engineering Firms Name Redacted direction on what to do on site. For the record, so that a laymen may understand, an engineer is supposed to have a very specific, very dedicated reason for being on an insureds property, to send one out on a $600,000.00 plus loss, WITHOUT a specific reason, is ludicrous….and looks as such.

While Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted is responsible for his license, as his employer, you have a duty to make sure it is valid.

As for speculating on what was and was not said, that is unnecessary. I recorded it, and as you so graciously confirmed in your last email, Engineering Firms Name Redacted was well aware of it. Thank you, one less hurdle later.

As for me being combative, I was not. Upset that after I had been told, in writing, what you were Supremely waiting for, was not even in his scope. Yes. Again, luckily, the whole incident is recorded. And shows clearly, Engineering Firms Name Redacted was the aggressor, until he attempted to put his finger in my face……at that point, as recording will show, I urged him to remove it from any proximity of me, before I did it for him.

It is unfortunate that all carriers want to call an individual combative, because they do not go along with the lies. You find me combative merely because you really don’t know what else to do. I have systematically tore apart every single part of this claim, and produced a mountain of evidence, yet Hanover, with the whole of their massive resources, cannot complete one claim in the statutory time limits. Opting instead to delay even further the incompetence that has run rampant since the filing of the claim. Incompetence that turns into very real profits.

If you find me combative…so be it. The insured needs SOMEONE to represent them, because you, nor Hanover never had any intentions. As I have made very clear, the engineer does NOT stop the clock. You DO NOT stop the clock. Yes, like any other criminal activity, you can get away with it for a little while, rest assured….it is a reprieve, so enjoy it.

As for undisputed amounts, all one has to do is look at the photos. Anyone. You have not addressed the majority of those items, and when Engineering Firms Name Redacted comes back with his report, he had better not offer one single opinion he is not qualified to answer. Like questions only a mechanical engineer could answer, and Engineering Firms Name Redacted, you know maybe being just a physical engineer….you know…..

In other words, your boat is sinking fast, and instead of doing what you were supposed to in the beginning, you keep drilling holes at bottom dead center of your own boat. Mr. Teasdale, as verified by his profile on Engineering Firms Name Redacted Website is not qualified to even look at the other damages, and since you have mentioned no one else, Engineering Firms Name Redacted has reiterated, on voice recorder that he had no intentions of looking at anything else…..it would appear all of those damages are UNDISPUTED. The roof, at 35 squares replacement for the parapets and curbs….this is paying for the job to be done illegally, and if he agrees to this, I will definitely report him to his peers.

So, Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted, we are here again. Whether you like it or not. We have given your firm EVERY opportunity to indemnify the insured. We have given you until Thursday to do so. At this point, you should realize, this is not a game, and never was.

You have until Wednesday night, Thursday morning, I will do exactly as I have been doing. Keep my word.

Cal Spoon

End all correspondence between Hanover and InsuranceBusters.net:


I am now awaiting his response….. As you can see, there was never one good intention from the carrier. Never.

You, as an insured are NOT friend, not a customer, hometown friends….none of that, even if you bought your insurance from an agent you grew up with. They cannot help you in the event of claim. They are separate…for a reason. Cannot have you mad at the person who needs to sell you the insurance…

InsuranceBusters.net Free Claim Review


Need references, we have them too! All over, but you can contact these local Churches, right here in Abilene and ask about our incredible services, that are FREE unless and UNTIL we RECOVER! It does not matter if you live in a small one room home, a mansion, or your business, we can and will help. There only 734 Licensed Public Adjusters in the ENTIRE STATE of TEXAS. We hold several of them, you can verify our license in Texas, #1603054 here, a direct link to the Texas Department of Insurance Licensing Division, and another here, to my personal license Cal Spoon, Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.

First United Methodist of Abilene Website

First United Methodist Facebook

Fountaingate Fellowship of Abilene Website

Fountaingate Fellowship Facebook

I hope you hire us, but if you do not, there are other choices, I have listed a few of them below, I do not personally endorse these companies, however, I feel that you should have options, something very few have given to you, the insured. Please use due diligence before hiring anyone, but please, hire someone and do not let these insurance companies continue to profit from not paying claims correctly. We can not fix EVERY CLAIM, however, if you find us, and have us represent yours, you can count on your insurance company paying what they owe…no more…..no less.

You can find us on Facebook here–>> InsuranceBusters.net Main Facebook Page and our Abilene, Texas specific page.

Thanks in advance, Cal Spoon



Other Public Adjusters and Attorneys for the Insured. Just one more way InsuranceBusters.net is helping to always #ProtectTheInsured:












Enjoy, and if you have any feedback, feel free to post a comment below. If you happen to be from the insurance industry, you are welcome to comment as well, however…I would advise you to be VERY careful, and make sure, whatever you claim is correct, and can be proven as such….if not, I will eat your lunch on it. 😉


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