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That ash and smoke both are toxic. Wildfire, whether controlled or not, damages everything it comes into contact with, including your lungs. If left alone, wildfire ash/suit will etch glass, fine china, granite and marble. The particles in the smoke also attach themselves to your walls, your bedding, your HVAC ducts, above the doors, windows, walls, light fixtures….all of your clothes….everything. We helped insureds out in both Possum Kingdom fires, as well as the Bastrop County fires. Some of the homes had in excess of $250,000.00 and were never touched by actual fire…….. This should not be happening, and they definitely should not be telling everyone that this “ok” because it is controlled. It is not “ok”, and you the insured/taxpayer will soon realize that. We can help. InsuranceBusters.net. Even better than when Katrina hit…. That’s right, we were there as well. It was the beginning stages of our company. Where we witnessed first hand some of the atrocities perpetrated by insurance companies….in order to save money. You only bought insurance for one reason…to file a valid, legitimate claim if necessary. Then you must fight to get just a minimal portion, not even anywhere close to what you are owed……we stop all that. We make them pay what they owe, no more, no less. We make them follow the existing rules and guidelines of their contract with you. Most importantly, we take the profit issue out. It is not in our equation. Our equation is the loss. That is it. Not our shareholders profits, not what someone suggested, and definitely not an attempt to underpay so that we could make the money we saved. You see, they send “their” guy to tell YOU how LITTLE they OWE YOU…… We are your guy…. and this whole burn thing is bad for the entire area that is being affected with any type of smoke or ash or anything else related. Embers can float for miles…..still hot, still capable of burning roofs, cars, pool covers, patio furniture…..everything.InsuranceBusters.net


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We are always here to help, unless you are in one of the very few states who do not license Public Adjusters, we can help you. Mississippi is my wife’s home, and where most of her family lives now. Much love for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Big reason we started to #ProtectTheInsured!


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