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InsuranceBusters.net Lifes Simple Truths

If you want your insurance company to do what you paid for, someone else has to make them……they OWE you MONEY, and if you let them, they will happily send their guy alone, to tell you how LITTLE they are going to pay of what they ACTUALLY OWED………

With enough advertising dollars, you can convince a whole world that it is a good idea to send the person out who owes the money, to, you know…..tell you how much……. Only catch is, every dollar they pay, is a dollar from their PROFIT. A simple No, we do not pay for that…. and PRESTO…instant profit.

Does this sound ANYTHING like #ProtectTheInsured?
No…not even remotely close. Let’s call it what it is. Those who have your money, doing anything and everything to keep as much of it as possible. Even if they have to hurt you to do it. Not that hard to hurt an insured….underpay their claim by 20, 90, 180, 1500%. We have claims that we have raised by over 10,000%.

Not because of tricks or abracadabra, that is what your insurance company does in order to not pay. It was what YOUR insurance company owed to BEGIN with.

The wolf can never be trusted to guard the hen house….lest like sheep, ye be led to financial slaughter….InsuranceBusters.net Fox in the Hen House

$2,000.00 Claim.
$2,000,000.00 Claim.

We take them all…….oftentimes, the $2,000.00 turns out to actually be $2,000,000.00…… Think about that one.
Having second thoughts about your claim?

Maybe it is time to call your guys, InsuranceBusters.net.

Licensed Texas Public Insurance Adjusters #1603054

Cal Spoon

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