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InsuranceBusters.net 2015 Ice Storm Article


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Did you suffer damage to your Trees/Landscaping or Property During the Recent Ice Storms?


Your homeowners or business owner’s insurance policy covers that. Items that are covered, depending on your insurance policy are:

  • Direct physical damage, like from a tree falling into either the house, garage or carports, or even the metal building storage unit. Basically almost every item on your property is covered in some form, unless you have chosen to exclude coverage. Even though some of the “exclusions” exist on paper, they do not follow guideline set up by the courts and the state Insurance Department.
  • The removal and replacement of landscaping items that were affected, including trees and plants up to a limit of your policy provisions.
  • Clean up, whether it is from loss of power and spoiled food, or the debris removal and disposal of all storm related debris. (These costs mount pretty quickly)
  • Spoiled food items from loss of power. (Insurers often attempt to deny this coverage based on policy language that does not apply. Example: We do not pay for offsite power outages or power loss….. This is true, unless the power outage or loss was the direct result of a covered peril.) See, this can get confusing real fast….. Confusion benefits your insurer, not you!
  • Any interior damage caused from either leaks from the prolonged exposure and ice dams or from the refrigerator or…Anything that was damaged due to the ice and winter storm.
  • Busted pipes and ANY damage that is a result thereof.


InsuranceBusters.net Legalities


There are so many more, if you have questions, call us, call another Public Adjusting Firm, do something. But do not EVER trust they people who owe you, (Your Insurance Company) to honestly tell you how much they DO NOT OWE YOU…… Simple business 101.

No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!

InsuranceBusters.net Licensed Public Adjusters in Texas, Oklahoma and most surrounding states. If we are not there, we can normally direct you in the right place to find the help you need, immediately.

We have a powerful network of Public Adjusters and Attorneys who represent ONLY the INSURED, which is You.

Here are a few links to other’s in our profession. Please perform due diligence ANYTIME you trust ANYONE with your insurance claim. It can literally change your financial standing, either positively, as insured was meant to, or it can cripple you with little knowledge that it was actually the culprit.


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