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Public Adjusting – What you don’t know about insurance could ruin you financially after an insurance loss…


I believe competition is healthy.

I believe that when Public Adjusting is done correctly, with one goal, #ProtectTheInsured, there is not another profession on the planet that can match it. The BENEFIT to the insured is so significant, that you can measure it. C3 Group has provided a small detail of the overall picture for their last year. Significant does quite explain an average 750%+ increase from what your insurance company originally offered and paid as final.


The following provided by C3 Group Public Adjusters

Happy New Year everyone!! We just completed our 2014 file audit and we are excited to announce that in 2014, C3 Group increased its client’s claims by an average of 751.19%, taking 262 claims from $2.492 million, and settling them at $21.215 million. To another great year! We have put over $30,000,000 back into consumers properties in the past two years alone!! If you still don’t understand why a Public Adjuster is needed for your insurable loss, contact us today! www.C3ADJUSTERS.com

Here is a review from one of their clients:

Legal Disclaimer: As with any person or any profession, please, perform due diligence before actually hiring anyone, InsuranceBusters.net is attempting to give the insured options, so that they may make an educated decision in a very trying time, as well as options that are more realistic in  locations that InsuranceBusters.net does not currently operate.
Cal Spoon 01-03-15
Licensed Public Adjuster




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