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No doubt, I am that guy. You either love me or you hate me. What always differs, is the reason for the hate. As I watched this short video, it drove home a very simple fact. The majority of my life has been spent in mid-air.

Most hate comes from either fear or envy…..

There is not a soul on this earth that knows me, who hates me for the latter. Notice the keyword, “knows”.

We have always given freely. Often, sacrificing our own comforts for those of another. Normally, it is for those we do not even really know, and will never have a clue that it was actually us.

I look around, always. I am acutely aware of my surroundings no matter where it is that my physical body may reside at that moment, and am utterly amazed at the people who go about a daily existence, hating their life…..their career……really, just their very existence. It breaks my heart. It is a physical pain that can only be explained by that phrase.

I am truly blessed. I spend my life in mid-air because I CHOOSE TO SPEND IT THERE! We all have choices, and we all make them. Most of the time, these days, mine are pretty good. When I jump, I USUALLY am able to activate my parachute relatively quickly, that way I can enjoy every second of the awesomeness of some of my choices.

On the flip side, I still make dumb, rookie mistakes. Not only as a Public Adjuster, but as a husband, father, son, brother and business man. Part of life, growth.

I guess I have said all this to say this.

Every time I have ever jumped, sooner or later, my parachute opened……. whether by me, or by the only entity I have ever called Father, the Good Lord above.

Prove it you say………

Happy New Year……… I am still standing.

I wish you all speedy openings. ?#?YOLO?, one of the most irritating phrases of the year, yet still, so simply, elegantly summing up life. You Only Live Once.

Live well, friends, colleagues, and yes, even you haters.


Cal Spoon 01-01-15

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