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When you buy insurance, you are basically buying an invisible promise. A promise that if you need your insurance policy to perform, i.e. you filed a claim for a covered loss, they would come RUNNING to take care of you fully, and without ever worrying about how much it was going to cost THEM…..


You see, therein lies the rub….. When you ask your insurer to perform on a filed insurance claim, they are going to lose money. Period. From the inception of that thought comes the next, natural one. One that you and I both would normally take. A step to try and reduce the cost, dramatically.InsuranceBusters.net 1oo Dollar Bills - Free Claim Review


You see, your insurance company has what is called an unfair advantage in this situation. They hold the checkbook. They control the adjusters and other personnel being sent to your property. In the end, historically, they have made an offer, and it was over. Whether that offer was 100% or 1000% low, it did not matter. Short of a lawsuit, there were no other options than to accept. This practice of underpaying and having no one to hold accountable has been very profitable for the insurance companies. So much so, that eventually, they even started to refuse damage that was so clear, a small child could determine its existence. Take a look at the photo below. This is one property, and I have shown just a few examples of what the Insurance carrier, Hanover in this case, emphatically denies additional coverage. Most of these items were not even addressed, and if they were, like the EFIS (or synthetic Stucco). They paid to replace. Great! However, the EFIS is 20+ feet in the air. You have to have access. You have to protect all of the building that is NOT asbestos (find the testing details at https://www.bustmold.com/our-services/testing-services/asbestos-testing/). This is an active shopping center, there is not a single allotment to cordon off and protect consumers from the ongoing construction. These are things an insurance company requires a builder to do prior to having coverage on a project. Meaning, if a Builder had an accident on site, and these procedures and precautions were not taken, there would be NO coverage. Yet the very same insurance company will not pay these items on claims they owe.


Just doesn’t seem right, does it?InsuranceBusters.net Fox in the Hen House


It’s not….and we can fix it!


Below, I will provide a very small excerpt, with names redacted, of the correspondence between myself, and the carrier. As you can clearly see, lies, deceit, stalling….anything to not pay at all, or pay the VERY LEAST amount possible. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR< AND NOT GOING TO PUT YOU BACK TO PRE-LOSS CONDITION. Meaning, sooner or later, you will realize a very REAL financial detriment. They hope it is after two years. That is their Statute of Limitations for you to cry foul.


In the industry and court rooms it is known as the 3 D’s. Deny, Delay, and Defend. How fuzzy does that make you feel?


Begin my pre-engineer inspection email:

Please find enclosed our final demand. The attachments are large and will take at least 2 emails. I will label each one so that we are sure you have received.

I would highly suggest that a representative of Hanover be present for our scheduled appointment with the “engineer”.

Cal Spoon

(This was an over 20 page demand, not counting our valuation)

Hanover Response:

Mr. Spoon.  We have the utmost confidence in Engineering Firms Name Redacted.  Regrettably, I will not be able to make it to Abilene tomorrow.


Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted

My Response the following day, after our mutual inspection on the insured location:

Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted,

I have yet to hear from you on the status of Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted License. When I looked in the Texas Department of Insurance, under licensing, he does not appear, nor can I find any information on him anywhere that would indicate he holds a Texas license.

This will be the last demand for his info.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Engineering Firms Name Redacted out on location. He was very helpful. He explained to me, that he was not there to look at dents, any metal, any air conditioners, or really, anything but the roof. When he stated this, I found it funny, simply because you have stated that you were waiting on his report so he could, you know, give you his “expert” opinion. As it turns out, he is only giving an opinion on the roof. Meaning all the other items that are damaged, and have not been paid for, are solely being held up because YOU CHOOSE to do so. Please locate those ever-present statutes, and look up undisputed funds, and whether you have the ability to hold until final settlement. You do not, and you cannot state undisputed. It is not. You use Xactimate, I use Xactimate. Price is handled. Items were clearly damaged, you physically inspected, and by your “experts” own testimony, which I recorded, no one is inspecting anything else……

He is a little upset about the recording, but hey. When he started telling me something totally different from what you had told me, I certainly did not want to run the risk of hearing those famous words, “I didn’t say that”. Oh, but yes you did. Do not worry, I informed him that I was recording, on the recorder.  He had some really nice things to say, then attempted to get aggressive, which is also on recording….

So…..you have some questions to answer. You can either answer them here, in court. Up to you. One thing you can believe is, either way, I will be seeing you very, very soon.

Cal Spoon

(Had you have been present, you could have avoided that whole scenario….)


Hanover Response:

Mr. Spoon:

With regard to your inquiry on Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted’s license:  I sent an email to Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted advising that you were inquiring as to his Texas Adjuster license status as your research on the TDI website did not reveal a license in his name.  As soon as I have his reply, I will advise you.

With regard to your comments about our engineer’s inspection today:

I am not going to speculate or comment on what was said, not said or alleged, between you and Mr. Teasdale.

Further, we are not “holding up” anything as you accuse.  Obviously, there was a misunderstanding between you and Mr. Teasdale.  His instructions from me were to look at everything – HVAC units, roof, flashings, parapet/EFIS, standing seam awnings, solar panels and building exterior.

Engineering Firms Name Redacted called me following his meeting with you and his inspection.  He confirmed that you recorded him and did admit that it was somewhat frustrating to him, given your combative attitude.

For your edification, we have paid the “undisputed” amount of loss as estimated by the initial I.A., Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted.  We paid the ACV on his estimated amount (you have a copy of his estimate), and, at the time of my inspection, those repairs had not been completed.  I advised you in our Reservation of Rights letter that until such time as those initial repairs are completed and final invoices are submitted, we are withholding consideration of paying the RC/depreciation withholding amount until the previously estimated repairs are complete and the proper invoices/support have been submitted.

With regard to your inference that there are other “undisputed” damages that we are withholding payment on.  I previously advised you in my email to you dated 01/22/2015, that Hanover has some significant concerns about your scope and estimate of damages, thus the basis of having Engineering Firms Name Redacted inspect.

Engineering Firms Name Redacted will complete his report and submit to Hanover for our review.  Once we have reviewed it, we will submit our formal position on your submitted claim, in writing, but not prior to receiving Engineering Firms Name Redacted report.

My Response to this farce:

Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted

Yet again, your firm has been caught in the middle of a lie. The simple fact is, you are not used to someone being on top of their job, and actually knowing what they are doing. To attempt and make either me, or anyone else believe that you sent an engineer to specifically inspect a job, yet he was not given and instruction. He told me that you had given him a copy of my estimate, so this would indicate that you had written correspondence, and exchanged information. I believe that Engineering Firms Name Redacted, as you emphatically endorsed in an earlier written correspondence, spoke the truth on site. He was there to look at the roof, and the roof only. I do not for one second believe there was a misunderstanding. Please produce the written correspondence giving Engineering Firms Name Redacted direction on what to do on site. For the record, so that a laymen may understand, an engineer is supposed to have a very specific, very dedicated reason for being on an insureds property, to send one out on a $600,000.00 plus loss, WITHOUT a specific reason, is ludicrous….and looks as such.

While Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted is responsible for his license, as his employer, you have a duty to make sure it is valid.

As for speculating on what was and was not said, that is unnecessary. I recorded it, and as you so graciously confirmed in your last email, Engineering Firms Name Redacted was well aware of it. Thank you, one less hurdle later.

As for me being combative, I was not. Upset that after I had been told, in writing, what you were Supremely waiting for, was not even in his scope. Yes. Again, luckily, the whole incident is recorded. And shows clearly, Engineering Firms Name Redacted was the aggressor, until he attempted to put his finger in my face……at that point, as recording will show, I urged him to remove it from any proximity of me, before I did it for him.

It is unfortunate that all carriers want to call an individual combative, because they do not go along with the lies. You find me combative merely because you really don’t know what else to do. I have systematically tore apart every single part of this claim, and produced a mountain of evidence, yet Hanover, with the whole of their massive resources, cannot complete one claim in the statutory time limits. Opting instead to delay even further the incompetence that has run rampant since the filing of the claim. Incompetence that turns into very real profits.

If you find me combative…so be it. The insured needs SOMEONE to represent them, because you, nor Hanover never had any intentions. As I have made very clear, the engineer does NOT stop the clock. You DO NOT stop the clock. Yes, like any other criminal activity, you can get away with it for a little while, rest assured….it is a reprieve, so enjoy it.

As for undisputed amounts, all one has to do is look at the photos. Anyone. You have not addressed the majority of those items, and when Engineering Firms Name Redacted comes back with his report, he had better not offer one single opinion he is not qualified to answer. Like questions only a mechanical engineer could answer, and Engineering Firms Name Redacted, you know maybe being just a physical engineer….you know…..

In other words, your boat is sinking fast, and instead of doing what you were supposed to in the beginning, you keep drilling holes at bottom dead center of your own boat. Mr. Teasdale, as verified by his profile on Engineering Firms Name Redacted Website is not qualified to even look at the other damages, and since you have mentioned no one else, Engineering Firms Name Redacted has reiterated, on voice recorder that he had no intentions of looking at anything else…..it would appear all of those damages are UNDISPUTED. The roof, at 35 squares replacement for the parapets and curbs….this is paying for the job to be done illegally, and if he agrees to this, I will definitely report him to his peers.

So, Hanover Adjuster Name Redacted, we are here again. Whether you like it or not. We have given your firm EVERY opportunity to indemnify the insured. We have given you until Thursday to do so. At this point, you should realize, this is not a game, and never was.

You have until Wednesday night, Thursday morning, I will do exactly as I have been doing. Keep my word.

Cal Spoon

End all correspondence between Hanover and InsuranceBusters.net:


I am now awaiting his response….. As you can see, there was never one good intention from the carrier. Never.

You, as an insured are NOT friend, not a customer, hometown friends….none of that, even if you bought your insurance from an agent you grew up with. They cannot help you in the event of claim. They are separate…for a reason. Cannot have you mad at the person who needs to sell you the insurance…

InsuranceBusters.net Free Claim Review


Need references, we have them too! All over, but you can contact these local Churches, right here in Abilene and ask about our incredible services, that are FREE unless and UNTIL we RECOVER! It does not matter if you live in a small one room home, a mansion, or your business, we can and will help. There only 734 Licensed Public Adjusters in the ENTIRE STATE of TEXAS. We hold several of them, you can verify our license in Texas, #1603054 here, a direct link to the Texas Department of Insurance Licensing Division, and another here, to my personal license Cal Spoon, Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.

First United Methodist of Abilene Website

First United Methodist Facebook

Fountaingate Fellowship of Abilene Website

Fountaingate Fellowship Facebook

I hope you hire us, but if you do not, there are other choices, I have listed a few of them below, I do not personally endorse these companies, however, I feel that you should have options, something very few have given to you, the insured. Please use due diligence before hiring anyone, but please, hire someone and do not let these insurance companies continue to profit from not paying claims correctly. We can not fix EVERY CLAIM, however, if you find us, and have us represent yours, you can count on your insurance company paying what they owe…no more…..no less.

You can find us on Facebook here–>> InsuranceBusters.net Main Facebook Page and our Abilene, Texas specific page.

Thanks in advance, Cal Spoon



Other Public Adjusters and Attorneys for the Insured. Just one more way InsuranceBusters.net is helping to always #ProtectTheInsured:












Enjoy, and if you have any feedback, feel free to post a comment below. If you happen to be from the insurance industry, you are welcome to comment as well, however…I would advise you to be VERY careful, and make sure, whatever you claim is correct, and can be proven as such….if not, I will eat your lunch on it. 😉

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Actual WLOX Story right HERE:

That ash and smoke both are toxic. Wildfire, whether controlled or not, damages everything it comes into contact with, including your lungs. If left alone, wildfire ash/suit will etch glass, fine china, granite and marble. The particles in the smoke also attach themselves to your walls, your bedding, your HVAC ducts, above the doors, windows, walls, light fixtures….all of your clothes….everything. We helped insureds out in both Possum Kingdom fires, as well as the Bastrop County fires. Some of the homes had in excess of $250,000.00 and were never touched by actual fire…….. This should not be happening, and they definitely should not be telling everyone that this “ok” because it is controlled. It is not “ok”, and you the insured/taxpayer will soon realize that. We can help. InsuranceBusters.net. Even better than when Katrina hit…. That’s right, we were there as well. It was the beginning stages of our company. Where we witnessed first hand some of the atrocities perpetrated by insurance companies….in order to save money. You only bought insurance for one reason…to file a valid, legitimate claim if necessary. Then you must fight to get just a minimal portion, not even anywhere close to what you are owed……we stop all that. We make them pay what they owe, no more, no less. We make them follow the existing rules and guidelines of their contract with you. Most importantly, we take the profit issue out. It is not in our equation. Our equation is the loss. That is it. Not our shareholders profits, not what someone suggested, and definitely not an attempt to underpay so that we could make the money we saved. You see, they send “their” guy to tell YOU how LITTLE they OWE YOU…… We are your guy…. and this whole burn thing is bad for the entire area that is being affected with any type of smoke or ash or anything else related. Embers can float for miles…..still hot, still capable of burning roofs, cars, pool covers, patio furniture…..everything.InsuranceBusters.net


Here are a few External Links on the subject:





InsuranceBusters.net Legalities


We are always here to help, unless you are in one of the very few states who do not license Public Adjusters, we can help you. Mississippi is my wife’s home, and where most of her family lives now. Much love for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Big reason we started to #ProtectTheInsured!


Cal Spoon

Licensed Public Adjusters in Texas #1603054


Here are some references of other Public Adjusters and attorneys who have been known to #ProtectTheInsured!









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Galveston Police pull over this bride to be…….


Good to see a traffic stop end so well….



Cal Spoon


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InsuranceBusters.net Lifes Simple Truths

If you want your insurance company to do what you paid for, someone else has to make them……they OWE you MONEY, and if you let them, they will happily send their guy alone, to tell you how LITTLE they are going to pay of what they ACTUALLY OWED………

With enough advertising dollars, you can convince a whole world that it is a good idea to send the person out who owes the money, to, you know…..tell you how much……. Only catch is, every dollar they pay, is a dollar from their PROFIT. A simple No, we do not pay for that…. and PRESTO…instant profit.

Does this sound ANYTHING like #ProtectTheInsured?
No…not even remotely close. Let’s call it what it is. Those who have your money, doing anything and everything to keep as much of it as possible. Even if they have to hurt you to do it. Not that hard to hurt an insured….underpay their claim by 20, 90, 180, 1500%. We have claims that we have raised by over 10,000%.

Not because of tricks or abracadabra, that is what your insurance company does in order to not pay. It was what YOUR insurance company owed to BEGIN with.

The wolf can never be trusted to guard the hen house….lest like sheep, ye be led to financial slaughter….InsuranceBusters.net Fox in the Hen House

$2,000.00 Claim.
$2,000,000.00 Claim.

We take them all…….oftentimes, the $2,000.00 turns out to actually be $2,000,000.00…… Think about that one.
Having second thoughts about your claim?

Maybe it is time to call your guys, InsuranceBusters.net.

Licensed Texas Public Insurance Adjusters #1603054

Cal Spoon

Some other good resources in our industry:











Just for fun…..I added this hilarious video.




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InsuranceBusters.net Final EDDM Complete Front 6x8.75


InsuranceBusters.net Final EDDM Complete Back 6x8.75


When filing an insurance claim, everyone in the world wants you to believe your insurance company not only knows best, but that they have your best interest in mind. Sorry…There is no Tooth Fairy, and your insurance company is NEVER going to pay claims correctly, when they are the only ones looking at your claim that they owe…. Let that sink in…. Then Read this BEAutiful saying out loud.

InsuranceBusters.net Legalities


Now, for some actual proof. (Would never want to be the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”)

This is a complaint that will be filed on Monday at 1:00 pm. Why? Because the insurer has absolutely no knowledge of the laws, nor any want to learn. Every day they hold YOUR money, they make money. Every Dollar they owe, but do not pay, is profit!

The is the email sent to their Oblivious adjuster:

Mr. Adjuster, (Name Redacted for Obvious Reasons)

Unfortunately, you have exceeded the amount of time allotted to issue payment for the additional items that were clearly damaged, yet not addressed prior to our involvement. Monday, at 1:00pm, our office will file the following complaint. We have attempted to allow a natural process, without taking an adversarial position, even though Redacted adjusters attempted this from the onset. We are now past that point, and as my experiment has proven, no one really cares what happens to the insured, or what the statutes say. We do. The insured does. You should. What your license dictates. To #ProtectTheInsured, not your employers wallet.


Melanie, if you have not received confirmation of an issued check by 1:00 pm, exactly five business days from our appointment, and Mr. Hooper’s subsequent agreement that additional items were damaged, submit to all parties. (As usual, I suspect Mr. Hooper will attempt to deny this, it makes no difference, without issuance of payment, the complaint is to be filed. Photographs and time stamps prove everything needed, there is a massive amount of damage to the entire property.) Also, add the statute about licensing, and who can and cannot adjust claim on behalf of an insured. Redacted has engaged in BLATANT claim negotiations with a contractor who does not even have a contract with the insured and is NOT licensed as a Public Adjuster. The contractor is forbidden, by law, to attempt and adjust claims without a license just like an insurer is required to only negotiate an insured’s claim with either the insured, their Licensed Public Adjuster, or their Licensed Attorney. This is done to allow the insurer to be superior in the negotiation, thereby nullifying any opportunity the insured had at indemnification, which is one of the reasons it is prohibited. Again, very profitable for an insurer to ALWAYS be in control.


Cal Spoon 432-349-6631

Licensed Public Adjuster



As Promised, this will be the complaint that is filed when he does not comply.

Begin Formal Complaint:



­­Corporate Office                                                      Document Center    

902 51ST Street                                                         5756 N Dixie

Galveston, TX 77551                                              Odessa, TX 79762

877-41-2BUST Toll Free

409-539-5188  Phone

409-539-5184  Fax

Email calspoon@insurancebusters.net

Website www.insurancebusters.net



January 10, 2015

Formal Complaint

To:      Texas Department of Insurance


Re:      Insured:



Abilene, TX 79601

Claim # Redacted

Policy # Redacted

DOL June 12, 2014










Redacted Cell

Redacted Fax

Redacted Email Address



We represent the named insured above in this formal complaint, please advise our office of any actions taken on this complaint.


InsuranceBusters.net submitted a Notice to Insurance Company for the above referenced insured on 12-18-14. Inspection was set for January 5, 2015. InsuranceBusters.net via Cal Spoon and Redacted inspected insured location. Redacted stated that he had not had time to review the claim, so he was looking with “new” eyes. I stated Notice had been there since the 12/18 and there was a lot of info. He said he had reviewed my estimate briefly. Redacted was shown extensive, irrefutable damage. He photographed the areas, and claimed after a 40 minute inspection that he had seen all he needed. I attempted to show him further damage, to the metal awnings… (He photographed these from the main roof, stating he did not want to block traffic.) and the interior. He stated that he had to make a 4:30 p.m. flight and was cutting it close. Upon our departure, he stated that he would “send me an email” telling me when he “respond”. I stated at that time, that the luxury of responding at whim was not to be had here. There was obvious extensive damage that was conveniently overlooked, statutes were pretty clear about time limits.


I treated this claim somewhat differently, to see if it would illicit a different response. Even though all communication, as is posted below from our internal log, has been like pulling teeth, the adjusters have attempted to tie us to another Public Adjuster, simply by name, even after being told on numerous occasions we were of no association, then the shuffle of adjusters, only to still meet with an adjuster who claimed originally that he was there as a “large loss” adjuster, only to tell me at the end of the meeting, that this claim was over his limit as well. They had our valuation from the beginning, the number did not change. Normally, I would have given a very aggressive approach, however, as I stated above, I wanted to make sure that it was merited. After too many claims to name, we are very clear on how an insurance company is going to act when faced with actually being asked to pay what they owe. Seems like it should be a simple thing, “yes, that is damaged, and covered, and we are sorry we missed it, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.” That is not at all what happens….here is the internal log, exactly as it is in our file:


12/16 MS received documents from Cal….@ 1:18 MS called Redacted for declarations page so I can verify and send notice to IA. Redacted did not answer, MS left him a vm for declarations page12/17 Redacted contacted MS back for fax number….he faxed declarations page over….MS to file 12/18 and notify Redacted of our involvement.12/18 @ 8:15 MS called Redacted claim center.  Spoke with Grace in the call center..she said the adjuster on the claim is Redacted phone 940-808-8986 fax 508-926-5660 email Redacted…@ 8:21 MS faxed notice directly to Brad and as always requested all documents to be sent asap12/19 @ 9:08 MS called Brad, he said the insureds roofer sent roof sample to Rooftech and they did not find any hail damage.  He said why would a company pay any amount like that when there is no damage.  He is sending us the report and said Redacted sent samples and he doesn’t understand why the Insured would pay over $600000 when there is no hail damage.  MS said we fell differently and can prove that to him.  I need to setup a reinspection.  He said he will send all documents and has already dropped them off this morning at UPS to go to our document center.  Aside from Redacted he said Redacted is on the claim and he handled many with him in Amarillo, so is he related.  I said no.  Redacted is to be nowhere around my files or my company. He said are we related and I stated NO.  He asked who PA on this claim was and MS said my husband, Cal Spoon and he asked again what the relation was…Stated they share the same Redacted but definitely no relations.  He said he handled claims with him and crushed him in Amarillo…MS said he is a fraud and he said he must agree.  Have Cal call him and they will review together to make sure all is okay but he has proof from Rooftech and we are welcome to call.  MS said I already requested all reports and previous docs so we could review. He said he has sent. MS asked for via email as I am in the office and need to proceed on this claim he said he will try but have Cal call him…MS said I will pass the message so we can schedule inspection….@ 9:18 MS sent estimate via email to Brad again stating: Attached is our estimate of damages per the Insured.  Please do review and reply with a time and date so we may re-inspect the property and called Cal….discussed with Cal and he is in the field and will call Brad after he sees the reports….MS said okay…@ 9:27 MS called Brad again for appt and to see when he can send reports…he said he is out of the office until tomorrow and MS said I work on Saturdays as well so just as soon as he can send them in that would be helpful however lets go ahead and look at the schedule so we can set all up…Brad said since we sent a claim estimate of over half a million it will be reassigned to large loss…MS agreed and said yes we are aware so I will call Redacted and get that adjuster..he said again when he gets estimate then he will have to fill out form to large loss to be assigned and he will form a property large loss report and then they will assign…MS said alright, we are aware so again I will no longer contact him I will call Redacted to get assigned, he said you, Melanie, Cannot just call Redacted to get large loss assigned…MS said okay Brad just send the documents requested just as soon as you can he said again they are in the mail to ya…MS said TY….@ 9:32 MS called Redacted, spoke with Molly and explained Redacted is not capable or equipped for this loss so I need the large loss supervisor…she said she is sending me to Brads Supervisor, Redacted 225-791-0800, she transferred me to her line….MS discussed the claim with her to state this claim exceeds his credentials and amounts so need to get in touch with large loss claims so we can proceed….she took claim number then stated she will review and said Brad does handle large losses just depends on his availability but she will have to contact him then call me back so we can all proceed but she will review and call us back….MS faxed estimate to Darcys attn at following information…@ 9:40 MS called Redacted again spoke with Redacted 508-926-5660….@ 9:46 MS sent Darcy the estimate via email stating: Per our discussion, attached is our estimate of damages.  I have already discussed this claim and estimate with Redacted as he advised this will be out of his hands and he will file the large loss report when he can.  We need to proceed with the handling of this claim so please review and reply with the adjusters information so I may schedule and inspection for both parties as soon as possible…..@ 9:50 Darcy replied to my email stating: Thank you for your email.  Once the file has been reviewed with the new documentation, we will contact you to communicate how Redacted will proceed.  Thank you so much for the documentation and have a wonderful Christmas….MS sent to Cal for FYI….@ 10:20 am Darcy replied stating: Thank you again for the draft that you sent over for our review.  Can you please forward your photo documentation and any core samples that you have received regarding the damage to the insured location?  I appreciate your assistance and look forward to receiving the additional necessary documentation to review the file for further action. Thank you again, Redacted, CIC Property Unit Manager Southern Region office 225-791-0800 cell 225-324-1557 fax 508-635-0361 Redacted@ 1:05 Brad Taylor replied to MS also stating: Please see the attached. I’ve included two reports from Roof Technical, as I pointed out that their first report had photos of another project in it.  I asked that they remove the photos of the other project.  Roof Technical’s invoice is to be taken care of by the insd’s. roofer Barr Roofing – Griffin Hess. I’ve faxed the Dec. to you. Please call or e-mail with any questions. Thanks Redacted, CPCU Outside Property Adjuster The Redacted Insurance Group P.O. Box 738 Denton, TX 76202 Phone (940) 808-8986 Fax (508) 635-5906  Redacted….MS sent to Cal and SS for Onedrive….@ 3:26 MS shared IBN Initial photos with Redacted (North) stating: Attached are our damage photos for the property. Do reply with adjusters information and availability so we may mutually re-inspect….@ 3:41 Darcy replied stating: Thank you for the update.  So there are no other pictures (south side or any close up pictures of damage to the roof)?  I will forward these to the file as well for review….@ 3:44 MS replied stating: There are 100 photos, up close and entire property.  Those are all photos…@ 4:54 MS received an email from the new assigned adjuster Redacted, EGA Office:  281.547.8721 Cell:  832.752.5754 Redacted  P.O. Box 133306 Spring, TX  77393.  His email stated: Please be advised that the above claim has been reassigned to the undersigned for handling, going forward.  I just received this assignment this afternoon.  I am in the process of reviewing file notes, docs, estimates, etc. Please also note that while I will be working Monday and Tuesday, I am already obligated on those dates.  Further, I will be on vacation starting Christmas Eve through New Year Day. I am available to meet for a reinspection after Jan 1st on any date convenient to you.  However, please keep in mind that this location is in Abilene and we will have to pay attention to the weather forecast for the date we agree to meet, as you are probably aware, Abilene/North Texas can have some pretty inclement winter weather this time of year. Please revert with your available dates the first week of January.  You can reach me in my office or on my cell phone on Monday or Tuesday….@ 5:34 MS sent to Cal…@ 5:56 Cal replied stating: 1st or the second at the latest. Preferably 1st. Start the clock…..@ 6:10 pm MS replied to Redacted stating: We have availability at 10 am on January 1st. Please do reply so I may notify all parties….@ 6:15 pm Robert replied stating: Melanie, January 1 is New Year’s Day. It’s a holiday. I’m off on that date. Did you mean to type another date?12/20 @ 9:25 am MS replied to Robert stating: No. I did not. You said January 1st. I do not consider New Year a Holiday.12/31 @ 1:38 MS contacted Redacted as the weather did not look good for our scheduled appt on Friday the 2nd….tried rescheduling for Saturday the 3rd as the weather clears up according to the Weather Channel then….he said he is looking at accu weather and weather looks fine…high in 50’s and he already has itenerary for flight but it is going through Dallas…..MS told him I was reviewing the weather channel and it said rain with high of 37….he rechecked his app and said MS is right….it doesn’t look good, he is unavailable for Saturday but he can move to Monday….MS verified that would be okay and he said he will check and change his itenerary to Monday the 5th and if MS will send him email as he is still off and not returning until Friday anyway…MS resent appt to all parties at 1:46….@ 1:50 MS sent email to Redacted stating: Per our discussion, I am sending you an email for the changed appointment.  We have agreed that due to the weather on Friday the 2nd we both will not be able to inspect the property.  As agreed we have changed the appointment to Monday the 5th at the same scheduled time, 1 pm.  I have notified all parties and we will see you there….@ 2:03 pm MS called Mr. Redacted to notify of APPT CHANGE TO MONDAY JANUARY 5th @ 1 pm….he said that is fine and he will probably not be there….MS said that is okay we just need access to entire inside and outside…he said okay….he also said all solar panels belong the retail strip and if damaged they should be covered as well….MS im Cal to let him know…@ 2:04 Redacted replied stating: I will revise my itinerary tomorrow and will re-confirm once that has been done. Happy New Year to you as well,1/2 @ 11:15 Redacted emailed MS again stating: Per our conversation on Weds and per your email below: I have successfully rescheduled my trip to Abilene for Monday, Jan 5th.  I am scheduled to arrive in Abilene via DFW at 11:28 a.m., so the 1:00 p.m. meeting time should be fine. If for some reason I have travel delays, I will call your office number as per our discussion.1/5 @ 1:06 Cal contacted MS to notify and confirm appt was at 1…MS confirmed….@ 1:13 MS called Robert…he stated he was just pulling in….MS confirmed again appt WAS at 1. He said yes…he is there now….it’s the Radio Shack building…MS told him to look for our van, he said okay, he saw it**

End Internal Log:



As you can clearly see, there is an adversarial position, no matter how we conduct ourselves. In my opinion, armed with these facts, I feel the normal procedure of aggressiveness is not only merited, it is the only thing an insurance company actually understands.


We are supposed to be on the “same side”. The insureds side. We are not….that’s a problem. The insurer has ALREADY been paid to do what we are having to do, and the insured has to pay for again. From the log above, there is an example of how an insurer should handle claim. Receive it, document it, investigate it, valuate it correctly, and submit all info necessary to close it, within the allotted time frames. It shows clearly, that this not only can be done in this time frame, but much quicker, with much more efficiency. Below is a statute, which from my untrained eye, appears to state that this is a fundamental part of the insurance resolution process, and the guidelines provided within that statute were not merely suggestions, but rules to operate by. Unfortunately, no one in the insurance industry appears to see it that way. This is evidenced by the massive amount of insurers and their licensed employees who have no clue that these RULES EVEN EXIST.


How and why does this happen? Money… as insureds, we have paid money in good faith to an insurance company, any insurance company, in hopes of them doing what they promised when we paid them…for all those years. Reality, and what this firm has proven, they have absolutely no want or reason to pay a claim as it is owed, or under the time limits it is in owed in. This costs them money, they are a business, and without repercussions, they will do whatever necessary to make the most amount possible. This is VERY EASY when YOUR people are the only ones working on the claim that you owe on. It allows them to write their own profit.


As of today, Monday January 12, 2015, the insurer has missed their statutory time line to issue payment on any additional items that were proven, and agreed to, even though I, Cal Spoon, personally advised Mr. Hooper of said timeline verbally. Please note on the log, there has been absolutely no correspondence, and no activity whatsoever from them since inspection.



We have included a copy of the Statutes as we understand them:






(a) An insurer engaging in business in this state may

not engage in an unfair claim settlement practice.

(b)  Any of the following acts by an insurer constitutes

unfair claim settlement practices:

(1)  knowingly misrepresenting to a claimant pertinent

facts or policy provisions relating to coverage at issue;

(2)  failing to acknowledge with reasonable promptness

pertinent communications relating to a claim arising under the

insurer’s policy;

(3)  failing to adopt and implement reasonable

standards for the prompt investigation of claims arising under the

insurer’s policies;

(4)  not attempting in good faith to effect a prompt,

fair, and equitable settlement of a claim submitted in which

liability has become reasonably clear;

(5)  compelling a policyholder to institute a suit to

recover an amount due under a policy by offering substantially less

than the amount ultimately recovered in a suit brought by the


(6)  failing to maintain the information required by

Section 542.005;  or

(7)  committing another act the commissioner

determines by rule constitutes an unfair claim settlement practice.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.






This subchapter shall be liberally construed to promote the prompt payment of insurance



Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.





(a) Not later than the 15th day or, if the insurer is an eligible surplus lines

insurer, the 30th business day after the date an insurer receives

notice of a claim, the insurer shall:

(1)  acknowledge receipt of the claim;

(2)  commence any investigation of the claim;  and

(3)  request from the claimant all items, statements,

and forms that the insurer reasonably believes, at that time, will

be required from the claimant.

(b)  An insurer may make additional requests for information

if during the investigation of the claim the additional requests

are necessary.

(c)  If the acknowledgment of receipt of a claim is not made

in writing, the insurer shall make a record of the date, manner, and

content of the acknowledgment.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.






(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b) or (d), an insurer

shall notify a claimant in writing of the acceptance or rejection of

a claim not later than the 15th business day after the date the

insurer receives all items, statements, and forms required by the

insurer to secure final proof of loss.

(b)  If an insurer has a reasonable basis to believe that a

loss resulted from arson, the insurer shall notify the claimant in

writing of the acceptance or rejection of the claim not later than

the 30th day after the date the insurer receives all items,

statements, and forms required by the insurer.

(c)  If the insurer rejects the claim, the notice required by

Subsection (a) or (b) must state the reasons for the rejection.

(d)  If the insurer is unable to accept or reject the claim

within the period specified by Subsection (a) or (b), the insurer,

within that same period, shall notify the claimant of the reasons

that the insurer needs additional time.  The insurer shall accept or

reject the claim not later than the 45th day after the date the

insurer notifies a claimant under this subsection.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.



\§ 542.057. PAYMENT OF CLAIM. 


(a) Except as otherwise

provided by this section, if an insurer notifies a claimant under

Section 542.056 that the insurer will pay a claim or part of a

claim, the insurer shall pay the claim not later than the fifth

business day after the date notice is made.

(b)  If payment of the claim or part of the claim is

conditioned on the performance of an act by the claimant, the

insurer shall pay the claim not later than the fifth business day

after the date the act is performed.

(c)  If the insurer is an eligible surplus lines insurer, the

insurer shall pay the claim not later than the 20th business day

after the notice or the date the act is performed, as applicable.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.





(a) Except as otherwise provided, if an insurer, after receiving all items,

statements, and forms reasonably requested and required under

Section 542.055, delays payment of the claim for a period exceeding

the period specified by other applicable statutes or, if other

statutes do not specify a period, for more than 60 days, the insurer

shall pay damages and other items as provided by Section 542.060.

(b)  This section does not apply in a case in which it is

found as a result of arbitration or litigation that a claim received

by an insurer is invalid and should not be paid by the insurer.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.





(a) A court may grant

a request by a guaranty association for an extension of the periods

under this subchapter on a showing of good cause and after

reasonable notice to policyholders.

(b)  In the event of a weather-related catastrophe or major

natural disaster, as defined by the commissioner, the

claim-handling deadlines imposed under this subchapter are

extended for an additional 15 days.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.





(a) If an insurer that is liable for a claim under an insurance policy is

not in compliance with this subchapter, the insurer is liable to pay

the holder of the policy or the beneficiary making the claim under

the policy, in addition to the amount of the claim, interest on the

amount of the claim at the rate of 18 percent a year as damages,

together with reasonable attorney’s fees.

(b)  If a suit is filed, the attorney’s fees shall be taxed as

part of the costs in the case.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.





The remedies provided

by this subchapter are in addition to any other remedy or procedure

provided by law or at common law.


Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, § 2, eff. April 1, 2005.








End Statute Excerpt

InsuranceBusters.net Fox in the Hen House


InsuranceBusters.net is committed to fair claims handling, we file these complaints in order to bring the attention of the Department to the horrific deeds done on a daily basis. At this point, we can state, with proof, that only a handful of people are following your rules. We are not asking you to determine coverage, we are asking that you hold insurers responsible for clearly violating the statutes over and over. They are not being taught the rules because the rules eat away at their profits, and there is no punishment for doing it.



Cal Spoon,



InsuranceBusters.net Free Claim Review



Check Our License Here: Texas Department of Insurance License Verification

Other resources for the insured:










Jan 072015

InsuranceBusters.net Free Claim Review


If you have filed an insurance claim in the last two years, I invite you to take advantage of a FREE Insurance claim review. Often, people do not want to believe that their insurance company would actually UNDERPAY their claim by a 100% or more, on purpose.

Unfortunately, Insurance is a business, and the only way to make a huge profit is to systematically underpay EVERY claim.

Think of it this way…..

InsuranceBusters.net Legalities


Need references, we have them too! All over, but you can contact these local Churches, right here in Abilene and ask about our incredible services, that are FREE unless and UNTIL we RECOVER! It does not matter if you live in a small one room home, a mansion, or your business, we can and will help. There only 734 Licensed Public Adjusters in the ENTIRE STATE of TEXAS. We hold several of them, you can verify our license in Texas, #1603054 here, a direct link to the Texas Department of Insurance Licensing Division, and another here, to my personal license Cal Spoon, Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.

First United Methodist of Abilene Website

First United Methodist Facebook

Fountaingate Fellowship of Abilene Website

Fountaingate Fellowship Facebook


I hope you hire us, but if you do not, there are other choices, I have listed a few of them below, I do not personally endorse these companies, however, I feel that you should have options, something very few have given to you, the insured. Please use due diligence before hiring anyone, but please, hire someone and do not let these insurance companies continue to profit from not paying claims correctly. We can not fix EVERY CLAIM, however, if you find us, and have us represent yours, you can count on your insurance company paying what they owe…no more…..no less.

You can find us on Facebook here–>> InsuranceBusters.net Main Facebook Page and our Abilene, Texas specific page.

InsuranceBusters.net Final Direct Mail Front 01-07-15









InsuranceBusters.net Final Direct Mail Back 01-07-15

Thanks in advance, Cal Spoon



Other Public Adjusters and Attorneys for the Insured. Just one more way InsuranceBusters.net is helping to always #ProtectTheInsured:











Jan 042015

InsuranceBusters.net 2015 Ice Storm Article


Photo Credit: Cathy Imler and Sandra Spoon

Did you suffer damage to your Trees/Landscaping or Property During the Recent Ice Storms?


Your homeowners or business owner’s insurance policy covers that. Items that are covered, depending on your insurance policy are:

  • Direct physical damage, like from a tree falling into either the house, garage or carports, or even the metal building storage unit. Basically almost every item on your property is covered in some form, unless you have chosen to exclude coverage. Even though some of the “exclusions” exist on paper, they do not follow guideline set up by the courts and the state Insurance Department.
  • The removal and replacement of landscaping items that were affected, including trees and plants up to a limit of your policy provisions.
  • Clean up, whether it is from loss of power and spoiled food, or the debris removal and disposal of all storm related debris. (These costs mount pretty quickly)
  • Spoiled food items from loss of power. (Insurers often attempt to deny this coverage based on policy language that does not apply. Example: We do not pay for offsite power outages or power loss….. This is true, unless the power outage or loss was the direct result of a covered peril.) See, this can get confusing real fast….. Confusion benefits your insurer, not you!
  • Any interior damage caused from either leaks from the prolonged exposure and ice dams or from the refrigerator or…Anything that was damaged due to the ice and winter storm.
  • Busted pipes and ANY damage that is a result thereof.


InsuranceBusters.net Legalities


There are so many more, if you have questions, call us, call another Public Adjusting Firm, do something. But do not EVER trust they people who owe you, (Your Insurance Company) to honestly tell you how much they DO NOT OWE YOU…… Simple business 101.

No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!

InsuranceBusters.net Licensed Public Adjusters in Texas, Oklahoma and most surrounding states. If we are not there, we can normally direct you in the right place to find the help you need, immediately.

We have a powerful network of Public Adjusters and Attorneys who represent ONLY the INSURED, which is You.

Here are a few links to other’s in our profession. Please perform due diligence ANYTIME you trust ANYONE with your insurance claim. It can literally change your financial standing, either positively, as insured was meant to, or it can cripple you with little knowledge that it was actually the culprit.


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Fill out the short contact form below, and you will be contacted within 24 hours or give us call at 877-41-2BUST.


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InsuranceBusters.net c3 logo

Public Adjusting – What you don’t know about insurance could ruin you financially after an insurance loss…


I believe competition is healthy.

I believe that when Public Adjusting is done correctly, with one goal, #ProtectTheInsured, there is not another profession on the planet that can match it. The BENEFIT to the insured is so significant, that you can measure it. C3 Group has provided a small detail of the overall picture for their last year. Significant does quite explain an average 750%+ increase from what your insurance company originally offered and paid as final.


The following provided by C3 Group Public Adjusters

Happy New Year everyone!! We just completed our 2014 file audit and we are excited to announce that in 2014, C3 Group increased its client’s claims by an average of 751.19%, taking 262 claims from $2.492 million, and settling them at $21.215 million. To another great year! We have put over $30,000,000 back into consumers properties in the past two years alone!! If you still don’t understand why a Public Adjuster is needed for your insurable loss, contact us today! www.C3ADJUSTERS.com

Here is a review from one of their clients:

Legal Disclaimer: As with any person or any profession, please, perform due diligence before actually hiring anyone, InsuranceBusters.net is attempting to give the insured options, so that they may make an educated decision in a very trying time, as well as options that are more realistic in  locations that InsuranceBusters.net does not currently operate.
Cal Spoon 01-03-15
Licensed Public Adjuster



Jan 022015


InsuranceBusters.net Oil Field Sunset

For Our Oil Field Folks.

Unfortunately, I believe they are being used as pawns. The pinch of $50.00 something a barrel will soon start to take its toll. I don’t care what anyone says. You more than cut a whole industries value by 50%, there is going to be repercussions. Fallout. Usually, that results in loss of jobs and reduction of all income. ALL INCOME.


I have watched the cycle to many times in my own life cycle.

Good, honest, hardworking people get started in the oil field. They work hard, build knowledge, relationships and ultimately companies. Companies who then employ vast amounts of other taxpayers, or customers….

In order to grow, and most of the time, even keep up with current demand, an individual must put his or her name on some credit, at some point in time. That is usually around $100.00 per barrel. It gets even crazier when that number rises above the $100.00 mark.

Banks can’t lend fast enough, orders can’t be filled, delivered or billed for fast enough……… kind of like a housing bubble….

Now, all of these hard-working folks who bet on themselves and their relationships are full in, all cards and resources are on the table.

Oil drops to nearly $50.00 a barrel. Virtually overnight….. The banks, being savvy and having been through this particular occurrence many times, have learned to not only minimize their loss, but actually profit to some extent. They begin to call loans, whether they are due or not. They begin to pull money out of their customers accounts before payments are even due, and without the knowledge of their customers.

Oil Reverses loss in Volatile start to 2015…….

This sets upon a course of horror that is very difficult to overcome.

In the end, all that brand new equipment gets repossessed, sold or any other number of options that were never intended just a few months ago. People go broke. Lives get ruined.

Because some folks are having a price war. Oh yeah, they have a ton of money to withstand, or we will bail them out. Then they will use those funds to purchase all that brand new equipment that was repossessed, at a deeply discounted price. They will own that when the oil spikes to $100.00 plus a barrel. I bet they will sell it back to you, you know, for an extreme interest rate and a tidy profit.


Sorry, got off on a rant. The little guy always gets it.

I have put just a few links together with some resources that I hope are helpful. Yes, I have included some links into becoming a Public Adjuster, and even some different firms. As a Public Adjuster, we have weaned ourselves from the necessity to rely on oil. We fight insurance companies who are never going to pay a claim correctly. They were not built to. Like the oil industry tycoons, they have all the cash, and they will do almost anything to keep it and continue to profit from nothing. Called job security. Unfortunate, ugly, truth. We did not make it, but we sure as hell found a fix for it.


Various Hopefully Helpful Links:

  1. http://www.jobtomic.com/jobs/results.jsp?job=Oil%20Jobs&location=77550&CID=1929&SID=JT2OILLINKCAOCPM_1&OID=1313
  2. http://www.swiftworldwideresources.com/
  3. https://www.rigzone.com/jobs/featured_employers.asp
  4. http://www.oilonline.com/
  5. http://oil-and-gas.jobs.net/
  6. Join Team InsuranceBusters.net
  7. Texas Department of Insurance Public Adjuster Licensing Information
  8. Texas Department of Insurance Public Adjuster Trainee License Information (Must be sponsored by current license holder)
  9. PAPublicadjuster.org
  10. www.cornerstonepac.net
  11. Www.socspa.com
  12. http://jobs.halliburton.com/

I hope things get better before they get worse, if you know what I mean. Until then, I hope none of you have to suffer too much.


******UPDATED Article***************

Oil below $50.00 per barrel!

New Article “Only the second time in history oil has dropped more than $40.00 in six-months”


Cal Spoon 01-02-15



Jan 012015

InsuranceBusters.net Happy New Year 2015
No doubt, I am that guy. You either love me or you hate me. What always differs, is the reason for the hate. As I watched this short video, it drove home a very simple fact. The majority of my life has been spent in mid-air.

Most hate comes from either fear or envy…..

There is not a soul on this earth that knows me, who hates me for the latter. Notice the keyword, “knows”.

We have always given freely. Often, sacrificing our own comforts for those of another. Normally, it is for those we do not even really know, and will never have a clue that it was actually us.

I look around, always. I am acutely aware of my surroundings no matter where it is that my physical body may reside at that moment, and am utterly amazed at the people who go about a daily existence, hating their life…..their career……really, just their very existence. It breaks my heart. It is a physical pain that can only be explained by that phrase.

I am truly blessed. I spend my life in mid-air because I CHOOSE TO SPEND IT THERE! We all have choices, and we all make them. Most of the time, these days, mine are pretty good. When I jump, I USUALLY am able to activate my parachute relatively quickly, that way I can enjoy every second of the awesomeness of some of my choices.

On the flip side, I still make dumb, rookie mistakes. Not only as a Public Adjuster, but as a husband, father, son, brother and business man. Part of life, growth.

I guess I have said all this to say this.

Every time I have ever jumped, sooner or later, my parachute opened……. whether by me, or by the only entity I have ever called Father, the Good Lord above.

Prove it you say………

Happy New Year……… I am still standing.

I wish you all speedy openings. ?#?YOLO?, one of the most irritating phrases of the year, yet still, so simply, elegantly summing up life. You Only Live Once.

Live well, friends, colleagues, and yes, even you haters.


Cal Spoon 01-01-15

Melanie Spoon, Sandra Plumlee Spoon, Digitory Claims, Ray Choate, Eric Dick