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As I am an insurance lawyer, I pay attention to specific insurance companies and the way they pay and settle valid insurance claims.

Over the last two years I have noticed a significant difference in the way that State Farm handles the settlement of its claims with its policy holders. The end result is that State Farm is recklessly concerned with denying, defending, and delaying paying its claims instead of taking care of its customers. I find this troubling as State Farm spends billions of dollars in advertising that they pay their policy holder’s fairly when the policy holders have to make a claim when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Specifically, I remember seeing a State Farm television commercial portrayal of a no name insurance company dangling a dollar with a fishing lure while their poor policy holder was jumping and trying to catch it. The overall innuendo was that State Farm pays its valid claims when other bad apple insurance companies don’t. Kind of funny.

In my personal experience, I find State Farm to be the worst insurance company out there in paying its claims. If they get the chance expect them to deny or underpay a valid insurance claim.

For example, I have seen instances where State Farm’s own expert says that certain items of a roof should be paid for (ie: a safety anchor.) When a State Farm insurance adjuster is questioned about why he didn’t pay for the safety anchor, he explains that he has never heard of that line item being paid for and in over 1,000 instances State Farm has never paid for it.

The sad thing is that policy holder had been with State Farm for well over twenty years.

Another example is a case where State Farm received a judgment against it for a modest sum for blatantly breaching its contract. Instead of paying this judgment, State Farm has decided to fight out of “principle.”

If you are or know someone who is insured with State Farm, I highly suggest changing insurance companies. Otherwise, if you have a valid insurance claim expect to have a fight on your hands.

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