Dec 112014
Original Offer from Insurance Company: $0 Stokes Public Adjusters received this amount for us: $14,919.20 (after deductible!)“I am an insurance agent myself and have held my license for 18 years. My wife and I have owned our home in Kansas City, Missouri for eight years. We filed our first claim in eight years with Allstate Insurance Company and after waiting for 3 months for an adjuster and another two months for an engineer they sent, my insurance company said my claim was under my $1,000.00 deductible. It was then that I got extremely upset and called Stokes Public Adjusters. Within 15 days they inspected my home, had a roofer and other professionals inspect the damage, and sent me a check from my insurance company for almost $14,919.20 after applying my $1,000 deductible. They were extremely polite, efficient, and obtained excellent results. I would recommend them to anyone with an insurance claim in these difficult times. I no longer work in the insurance industry because insurance companies have grown difficult to deal with. That is why anyone with an insurance loss needs Stokes Public Adjusters to act on their behalf and eliminate the stress!


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