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Ladies and Gentleman, Public Adjusters, Contractors and Attorneys, welcome to the Public Adjuster Contributors Blog.

It has come to my attention that even Governors are jumping on the band wagon against Public Adjusters. While I would say there is some truth to having bad apples in our profession, I would advise you to look strongly at any political candidate or in office representative’s background and funding if they are making derogatory or incorrect statements towards any legitimately Licensed Public Adjuster. The impact we have had on insureds lives is immeasurable in emotional terms, however, monetarily, we can tell you exactly what the impact is. These are the stories the insurance companies and politicians are NOT hearing.

You be the judge of whether or not their positions are money motivated. We all need to make a living, part of the ecosystem of humanity. We do not need to steal, cheat, or misrepresent to do so.

I will add more to this story later…for now, I want to get the page up and running.

Rules are simple for now.

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  9. Be kind to one another. I have animosity for insurance carriers and anyone else who would harm that which I have sworn to protect, the insured. Everyone else is ok with me…..
  10. Finally, at all times on this site, keep one thing in mind. All of us who claim to be professionals in insurance, and hold a professional license have one single objective goal. #ProtectTheInsured! That goal is NOT to protect insurers profits!



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Anyone can post, I have allowed anonymous posting. That being said, those who hide behind anonymity, are doing just that. Hiding something. The process is smooth either way, yet you get more usability if you are registered, while being able to track the post through WordPress. Once you register, WordPress will send you a user password, that you can change immediately upon logging on. (Go to user profile, scroll to bottom, type new password, then confirm.) Below, I have added links to both register, then log in. Enjoy, and if you have any issues, let us know.


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It is called cross pollination. Here is a good explanation, of course they are not talking about public adjusters, (How could they, few even know we EXIST!) but the principle and methodology are sound, especially when attempting to make the google machine mind. Everyone of you has to always remember how much money is in play when we are involved, how much money they lose and how much of that they would rather spend on tearing us a new asshole. All of us, attorneys included. If you are doing your job, that is. Then think about how deep their pockets are….. They have shown me, again, what they are prepared to do to stop or thwart any huge gains in our industry. Not a single one of us has enough money to stand with them in that arena. The group Anonymous, illegal, robin hood, terrorist, whatever you want to label them, has been successful because of this very strategy. They have managed to wreak havoc. The same applies to calm and fairness, both are brought about in the same fashion. Lloyds and all their minions….how much money do you think they can invest to eradicate us. (Don’t be a fool and say they cannot, hitler and countless others have proven, with a little cash and no morals, you can pretty much get away with anything.) Your choice. You can either go calmly into that good night, or you can go out like you came in, kicking and screaming, full of life. #PublicAdjusterLife #ProtectTheInsured

Article on Cross Pollination


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