Dec 052014
The Three Faces of your Insurance Company...

The Three Faces of your Insurance Company…

 The majority, over 95% of all insured citizens in the United States are unaware of Licensed Public Adjusters, which are what we like to call “Modern Day Robin Hood’s”, who actually USE the rules to Win!We fight your insurance company for free, UNTIL you get paid.That is a heck of a guarantee.Especially when you already paid all that money, for all those years to your insurance company, hoping, that if something happens, you will be taken care of.

We have proven that every single claim is grossly underpaid.

Why? Profit…. If I owe you $50,000.00, and I end up “Giving” you $10,000.00, I just made $40,000.00!

How do they do this and get away with it? Simple, they send THEIR guys out to YOUR property, business or residential, to tell you how little they owe you. This, when placed in proper context, as it is now, truth, is ridiculous. Simply RIDICULOUS!

If your Insurance Claim has been UNDERPAID, maybe even DENIED, I invite you to give us a call, or come and see us. Or maybe, your smart enough to realize a very free second opinion is worth every penny it cost you.

1315 South Danville Drive
Abilene, Texas 79605

Texas Public Adjuster License # 1603054

No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!

As Always, #ProtectTheInsured

Cal Spoon

— with Melanie Spoon and 14 others.


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