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Would you represent yourself in court?You should not attempt to handle your own insurance claim either.There are only three people who can normally adjust a claim on behalf of you, the insured.

1. You, the insured. (Not a roofer or contractor.)

2. A Licensed Attorney. (There is a time and a place for Attorneys who help insureds, the beginning is not it.)

3. A Licensed Public Adjuster. (Works only for you, the insured. We work on contingency with a MAXIMUM 10% fee. No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee.)

When a Public Adjuster is hired PRIOR to an Attorney, YOU, the Insured, have the DISTINCT ability to only pay 10% as opposed to 30-40% charged by an attorney. This enables the insured to retain the largest portion of the initial payment.


Public Adjuster obtains $50,000.00 prior to Attorney involvement.
Insured would only owe a $5,000.00 fee, instead of $20,000.00!

Does not take a rocket scientist to do the math.

You the insured, would keep an additional $15,000.00 in your pocket.

Then, and only then, if your insurance company STILL owes money, we have built a case that will allow an EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY to do their job properly. They will only charge on new money…. Meaning you pay them $00,000.00 of the first $50,000.00……

You, nor any Attorney can file a lawsuit against an insurance company, UNTIL you have completed all the terms in the Suit Against Us Clause. (Found in every Insurance Policy under this title.)

If ALL of these provisions have not been met, then an attorney can nothing but rely on other people to complete these items, and hope they were honest and diligent. I like hope, but I will never bet on it.

We are here to EDUCATE and HELP in every way possible.

It is the only way to #ProtectTheInsured


Licensed Public Adjusters
Texas License # 1603054

Local office:
1315 S. Danville Drive
Abilene, Texas 79605

Cal Spoon

— with Melanie Spoon and 5 others at – Abilene 1315 S. Danville Drive, Abilene, Texas 79605. Handle Your Own Claim


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