Dec 022014
As we repair damaged pipes from the hard-freeze, many residents will also be faced with addressing damaged vegetation in their yards. The City of Galveston Tree Committee and Galveston Island Tree Conservancy has some tips for the best actions you can take now.1. Continue watering trees. They’re not only cold-stunned, but also more susceptible to disease right now. Watering is the best way to keep providing the nutrients they need to recover. (Water restrictions regarding landscaping have been lifted)2. Avoid trimming or pruning trees for several weeks. It will take some time to know whether the tree will recover. The best thing to do is avoid any further damage by removing branches too early.3. Use nutrient-rich soil and mulch to care for trees. This is best done by applying a donut shaped circle around the tree without covering up too much of the stump. ... See MoreSee Less ... See MoreSee Less
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