Sep 102011

One of the homes fortunate enough to still be standing, while damaged, the house appears to be salvageable.

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Residents and family members were lined up to try and assess what may or may not be left of their property. Some had even driven from Galveston to try and check on their parents home, who have been out of town for two weeks. The couples actually received papers from command center, had a window permit, and were still unable to access the area.

A family that drove from Galveston to check on their parents home, were turned away.

The fires are still burning, and there are hotspots all over. Thank the good Lord for all the fire fighters, I have never been more impressed with response and results that these gentleman and women have been able to accomplish. It is truly amazing, and on a personal level, I thank these folks from the bottom of my heart.

Fire Fighters still trying to contain the fire, what a massive undertaking!

Unfortunately, for most of these people, who have already lost so much, the real catastrophe is ahead, dealing with the aftermath, and the problems that come with it. The fire is swift and fast moving, and gone. What is left is dealing with your insurance company. As you can see below, they are already here in droves. They are driving big fancy half a million dollar rigs. Advertising not only insurance, but all the other wares they are trying to sell us, the insured’s’. As you can see from the picture below, these guys don’t look like competitors, they look like old friends. It begs to ask the question, are they all in this together? Simple answer is yes, they are in it together. Look at the name of every insurance company you know. State Farm Lloyds, Allstate Texas Lloyds, Foremost Lloyds, National Lloyds, on and on. Do you see a common theme here? Hint Lloyds!

All the insurers are lined up, together. This does not bode well for the insured.

As the days, weeks and months pass, these guys will be gone. will be here until every single claim is paid, in full. Along the way, we will do as we have done in Odessa/Midland, Oklahoma, D/FW, Possum Kingdom and every other community we have helped so far. We will help not only the people who lost in the fire, but the everyday insurance problems, like leaking hot water heaters, dishwashers, and other household appliances that have left the insured with a large bill, and very little help from their so called “Good Neighbor”. on the scene in Bastrop County, Texas. is currently helping approximately 40 families who either lost all, or had damages in Possum Kingdom. We have excellent references, including Judges, City Attorney’s, those that are well to do, and those who are barely getting by.

May 252011

In the wake of the recent wildfires in Possum Kingdom, Texas, has arrived to help the people to reclaim their lives.  Many homes and estates have been burned down, and many more have suffered extreme fire damage. will be there to ensure the people will be re-payed what their owed from the insurance companies to get their homes and lives back on track.

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May 252011

Last Sunday, the City of Joplin Missouri was devastated by a category EF5 Tornado that came through. was one of the first’s on the scene to assess the damage.




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Mar 042011

After a complete study of the first 100 cases, Cal Spoon has confirmed his suspicions, the Insurance companies either denied or underpaid or both, on 99% of all claims. The Insurance companies offered approximately $375,000.00, to date has recovered over $2 million, and are still processing over $2 million. This is very real and it affects 99 out 100. Which group are you in? Out of 100 claims, they only came close on one! You should be Angry, Very ANGRY! Help us fight back, all you have to do is call 877-41-2Bust, or visit and read some of the stories.

Cal Spoon March 4, 2011