Nov 162010

It doesn’t cost anything for to review your claim.  When you consider that 99% of all claims are underpaid, then there is a strong possibility that your claim was underpaid.  So if you feel as though you’re not in the 1%, then you need to let perform their free review of your claim.  How you do this is the easy part, we’re easy to find.  You can call us toll free at 877.41.4BUST, you can send us an email at or visit our website at  Once there, click on the Documents tab.  Under that tab you’ll find all the documents that correspond with your state, click on that link and you’ll be able to print all documents necessary as well as a checklist of items needed for us to work on your claim properly.

Now for the best part, will advise and assist you in the preparation of building damage assessment reports, estimates, inventories, and other factual proofs of loss. We will handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policies. We will also meet and confer with the insurance company representatives and handle all negotiations essential to proper, satisfactory, and equitable adjustment of your claim. We’ll even spend our own money and time documenting and resolving your claim before we are paid anything.  We are not paid until money is collected from the insurance company.

So with that said, what are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone, visit our website or send us an email.  Either way, don’t put it off any longer.  If you were underpaid and chances are very good that you were, then you need to let do a free review of your claim.



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