Nov 082010

After spending the last few weeks contacting clients about sharing their stories on our other site,, I have noticed a very common theme with regards to the problems with their insurance companies.  The insurance companies like to say NO…..

These are the same insurance companies that will let you pay and pay your premiums all the while knowing that if you file a claim, they are going to do their best not to pay you what you deserve.  One man that I spoke to said that he’d been paying his premiums since 1984 and he actually had to call his insurance company three times just to get them to send out someone to look at the damage that was caused by two tornadoes. (You can read his story by clicking here.) Then when they finally did come out, he was told that they would only pay for one side of his house.  When he protested, they agreed on two maybe three, but the fourth side would have to be filed as a separate claim.  After filing the claim for the remaining side, his insurance company then increased his rates almost double from what they had been because, you ready for this, he filed two claims within a 12 month time frame.  They didn’t tell him that would happen when they advised him to file the second claim for the remaining side of his house.

Stories like this are repeated over and over.  When it comes to filing a claim with your insurance company, they are going to do whatever they can to say NO and discourage you.  Whether it’s the entire claim or just a majority of the claim, they want and will say NO.  They don’t care how long you have been a client, loyalty means nothing.  This is where insurance companies have become experts in the industry, working claims.  They hire professionals whose sole purpose is to work your claim down and keep their profits up.

So, based on everything learned, does it make sense to fight your insurance company on your own, NO.  Let work for you, we’re trained and licensed to work on your behalf to get the most that we can from your claim.  We do not get paid unless you do.  So if you’re tired of your insurance company telling you NO, then click here and let us go to work for you.


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